Tuesday, 22 October 2013

where can get info on IPAD

this will be more and in process .......................

1. http://www.teknomasi.com/2011/03/kelebihan-dan-kekurangan-ipad.html

2. http://www.teknomasi.com/2011/01/seminggu-bersama-ipad.html

3. http://www.teknomasi.com/2012/12/6-gajet-istimewa-di-machines.html

4. http://geniusbabyonboard.blogspot.com/2011/08/ipadkebaikan-keburukannya-terhadap.html#.UmXJvvmnquo



menarik dan sangat menarik disini

nothing to do with ipad but very nice info about over the sea...

To Understand My Inmate Ability from Dermatoglyphics
Overall, there are 10 different instinctive ability types as listed below and the ranking of these abilities arrange differently according to individual's strength. According to statistics, the ratio for others that gains the similar instinctive ability with you is only 1:20000. Different arrangement upon these instinctive abilities will illustrate that you have gain different superior and disadvantage fields from others. Intensify your own strength continuosly; at the same time, increase your inferior area patiently, Dermatoglyphic will help you to create a more radiance and wonderful life.
  1. Exploration - Inspiration of Leadership, Goal and Vision
  2. Logical - Reasoning Ability, Logic and Inference
  3. Observation - Visual Recognition, Comprehension of Observation
  4. Imagination - Space Imagination, Creative Thinking
  5. Operating - Physical Recognition, Comprehension of Operation
  6. Tactile - Feeling of Touch, Artistic Creation
  7. Managing - Management, Planning & Judgment
  8. Musical - Accoustic Feeling, Music Appreciation
  9. Picturize - Visual Feeling, Graphic Appreciation
  10. Linguistic - Hearing Recognition, Comprehension of Language

Epidermal Ridges and the Brain
Our brain can be divided into 10 sections depending on the brain functions: the left anterior frontal lobe and right anterior frontal lobe, the left posterior frontal lobe, the left parietal lobe and right parietal lobe, the left temporal lobe and right temporal lobe, the left occipital lobe and right occipital lobe. Dermatoglyphic research shows that these 10 sections of our brain associate with our 10 fingers. The following is the table showing the corresponding relations:

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