Thursday, 2 April 2009

How do you set good example?

How to Set a Good Example for Your Kids

You Don't Have to be Perfect to be a Positive Role Model

by kelly Wallace

Your children will remember their childhood with pride and fondness, and grow up to be stable individuals if you lead by example.

Most parents usually live somewhere in between oblivion and constant worry over their kids. The older they get, the more this tends to increase. It’s so easy for parents to beat themselves up or throw in the towel when their kid messes up or gets into trouble. You wonder where you went wrong and how it could have been prevented. You ask yourself if you truly did set a good example for your kids. If not, where could you have made changes and is it too late?

The good news is, if your kids are still living at home it’s never too late to set a good example for them. Even if they don’t live at home, you can still set a good example!

Practice What You Preach

It’s a natural fact of life that humans learn by example. You can lecture your kids day in and day out, but what they really remember is your actions. Do you tell them that smoking is bad, yet they see you puffing away? Maybe you preach to them about the virtues of reading or studying, yet you haven’t picked up a book in years and spend most of your time watching TV. Perhaps you demand respect, yet don’t offer much back in return – respect is earned! The old adage, “Practice what you preach” should be engraved upon the mind of every parent.

Spend Time with Children

It’s confusing as to whether you should opt for quality or quantity. Every parenting expert will have an equally strong yet totally opposite opinion. In reality, you need both! Of course there are jobs and errands and other responsibilities that fill up your day, but out of 24 hours, you can surely take time out to reconnect with your children no matter how old they are.

You Don’t Have to be Perfect

Nobody’s perfect, and trying to pretend you are will just result in frustration, lies, and a downright boring life! It’s okay if your kids see your weaknesses once in awhile, or even that you make mistakes. It’s natural to sometimes lose your temper, say things you shouldn’t, embarrass them, let out a few swear words, and so forth. It’s okay to not be perfect, but you need to draw a line at what you feel is acceptable. If your child did what you did, would you be okay with it?

Get Out of Abusive or Toxic Relationships

If not, odds are your kids will end up in dysfunctional relationships too. Take a good look at the person and people you’ve chosen to spend your life with. Get rid of your baggage, work on yourself, and make changes! So many people are in terrible relationships, but stay “for the kids.”

What are you teaching your kids? To sacrifice their happiness? To stay with someone you don’t love or who treats you bad simply because “it’s the thing to do”? Naturally, you shouldn’t bounce from one relationship to the next, but you should definitely show your kids that self-esteem, self-confidence, and a healthy relationship are paramount to being happy in their adult years.

Hug Children Often!

No matter how old they get always express your love and affection. Kids need to feel the physical connection that mutely says parents adore them down to their very soul and accept them no matter what. Yes, dads should hug their kids too! Affection is THE best way to set a good example for your kids.

Setting a good example for your kids isn’t difficult; it just takes patience, love, and attention. Spend time with your kids, get out of abusive relationships and show your kids you love them.

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