Thursday, 2 April 2009


A famous Muslim philosopher once told his son on his death-bed:

"My son, do not forget to visit the graves of your parents, for it will not be long when you, too, will be carried to the same place where they are. And when you visit them at any time, read what you are able to from the Holy Qur'an, and send it as a present to their souls. O my son, why have you been so disobedient? Why have you shut yourself from your parents? What was their crime against you? Was it a crime to rejoice when you had done a good deed? Was it a crime to find the world becoming dark before us when we heard of your evil or wrong actions? Was it a crime to have shouldered a burden as heavy as a mountain when you were ill? Was it a crime when we wished to bear your pains rather than to see you suffer? To what extremes did we not resort to restore your health? If a certain part of your body had been needed to restore your health, your mother would not have hesitated to cut it off from her own body. The very evening your mother was buried you forgot what she had done for you. When you inherited the house, you forgot what sacrifices we had made to acquire it. Surely you are going to follow us tomorrow just as we shall follow our parents. And you shall regret your ill treatment of us just as we regretted ill-treating our parents. My son, I strongly implore you: accept these last few words of mine, then, perhaps, you shall gain the mercy of your Lord, Alláh SWT; and remember, your children shall also become parents."

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