Sunday, 8 January 2012

interesting = less tv or is it better no tv???

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Watch less TV

Research reveals that UK children aged 11 to 15 watch an average 52 hours of TV a week. And while telly in itself is not a bad thing, heavy reliance on the box can be damaging for children’s development and the emotional health of families, say experts.

Dr Aric Sigman, associate fellow of the British Psychological Society, believes watching too much TV puts little ones at increased risk of health problems, from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to obesity.

Meanwhile, as an activity, watching the television is increasingly solitary, cutting into valuable time together.

How to cut back? Ditch TV as a bedtime pastime for kids and read a story instead; keep televisions and computers out of children’s bedrooms; don’t put the telly on as background noise; help children plan their viewing with a TV guide, ensuring they are more selective about what they watch. And then go and do something different instead…

or step to watch less


Get a TiVo or another P/DVR. People with TiVo's and DVR's watch less TV, but get to watch the programs that they like. You don't feel like you're losing valuable TV time, and you are forced to choose between shows that you can't live without and shows that you can do without.

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