Monday, 8 December 2014

Dreamweaver Tutorial - 1 - Overview of Layout

 New  Monday today.

 Day 6th in UM

 1st Day - Intro by Puan Jasni, meet the boss at 5 pm go through all dept staff

lunch at rumah universiti

feel lonely, stress and dunno what to do. but being brief to complete and do 3 system.

1. system surat or e-Mail  or in malay e-mel
2. e-rekod on the motorcycle information
3. e-alat tulis for the alatan tulis buy for all the faculties and provided by this jabatan
 PTj  - Pentadbiran Pendaftar

-that is the inroduction for today.  got a laptop to do work , a table and a chair

 2nd Day - go to take picture of all motorcycles use by Mail Room UNIT then go settle the bill and house hold and go back to UM

lunch with wawa at home then go to cimb for the bank statement needed by new place um
check out where to do staff id but staff in charge cuti so cannot do it ....

go back to IUMW but it is already 7pm. get to know have to go to PD like team building for the dept.

 3rd Day - lunch with pyan, ustaz, sugin and idham Before that for GST seminar secretariat so got a lucnch n in charge of registration talk about the secondment. lunch near exam hall building

 4th Day - Meeting with Prof Hamzah and Puan Mariati later learn Dreamweaver from several site...............................

lunch mee bandung at a stall in pj where they sell tempe goreng n yummy

request to write a letter of lapor diri and they say they submit it to BSM B? biro sumber Manusia

 5th Day - Idham also have to do Form and program using Dreamweaver he got a cd or dvd from HR sharing and install in a keselamatan PC at level 3. continue learning the dreamweaver software online by using google to search for a tutorial site got to try some code and it works a bit using the pc

lunch with  Ng and puan mariam n other 2 above at jln tun razak

 6th Day today also Monday install the dream weaver into laptop and continue doing programming...

- lunch at API with pyan, idham, sugin and illy

- came back from lunch got a T Shirt on office table to wear at PD this coming saturday.

- illy work at HR as documents translater from bm to bi? or bi to bm??? dunno...

go back at 5.30 pm.  still no staff card

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