Monday, 19 April 2010

unit stl 3 k13

The following ailments / injuries are treated as set out below:-

Minor grazes and cuts are cleaned with water / wipes and where deemed appropriate covered with a plaster. All staff are aware of the need for good hygiene practices when dealing with spillage of bodily fluids (as detailed in main section of whole school policy). Details of pupil, date, time, injury, treatment and signature of the attending member of staff are recorded in the ‘playground minor injuries book’.
Bumps to the head are initially looked at by Mrs Chapman. Where bumps to the head occur the pupil will always go to the Health Centre for assessment by the school nurse. Where there is a major bump to the head the Health Centre is contacted and a school nurse attends the pupil(s) at the prep school. The Health Centre records the injury and a card detailing the incident is sent home to the parent(s).
Where a suspected broken bone or dislocation has occurred the Health Centre is contacted and a school nurse attends the pupil(s) at the prep school. Parents are then contacted. In extreme cases it may be necessary to call for the assistance of ambulance.
Where a child presents themselves as unwell an initial assessment of their condition is made & they may then be monitored in Reception for a period of time. If deemed necessary the parent(s) are contacted to collect the pupil and take them home.
Where a pupil is physically sick, the parent(s) are contacted as a matter of course and asked to collect their child. The parent(s) are then asked to keep their child at home for at least 48 hours.
Headaches may be treated by the administering of Calpol medicine (only if parents have signed an agreement to this on the general medical form they complete when pupil starts at Caterham). This is carried out at the Health Centre.
Where a pupil presents with a rash this assessed and if deemed necessary the pupil is sent to the Health Centre.
Where a more serious accident has occurred involving pupil(s), staff, parents or other adults, the details of the accident / incident is recorded on a specific form and kept in the accident / incident file in Reception. It may be further necessary to send a copy of this over to the Health Centre.

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