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unit stl 3 written question k3 k5 k14



The school procedure is as follows – It ensures that staff are able to safeguard the children to their best ability

• Staff training for different staff members. This includes basic one for staff and another one for senior staff about allegations on staff.
• Correct staff ratios
• CRB Checks
• Effective recruitment of staff
• Staff should encourage children to think of their own safety sp they develop their awareness.

part 3 of answer - we were told by tutor is

can be dangerous for a child because if they are too young then the toy may hurt them and if they are too old they may break the toy which could lead to them hurting themselves.

Another reason for following manufacturer guidelines is if the child is the correct age then it can help them develop if they are too young it may frustrate them or if too old then they may get bored.

It is important that the equipment is age and ability suited.




• Peanuts
• Tree nuts
• Dairy products such as cheese and eggs and also Lactose intolerant i.e milk
• Gluten
• Wheat (bread)
• Fish, especially shellfish


If it is a minor reaction

• Rash
• Swelling of lips, face
• Eyes water
• Stomach ache
• Nausea / vomiting

If there is a severe reaction

• Airways close up because mouth or tongue are swollen
• Swelling up of the throat, hoarseness when speaking
• My start choking
• Blood pressure may drop – this will be noticed if there is faintness, unconscious or they collapse.

• Be aware of pupils allergies. Normally there are posters in the classroom
• Staff that need to be most aware are those in the kitchenfoxes

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