Thursday, 13 December 2012

Yes, it actually is possible to increase your motivation with affirmations! Our affirmations will help you to graduallyre-wire your inner mind and become more motivated naturally.
If you take them seriously, and if you repeat them every morning and evening (or whatever ever your pattern is, but we suggest 2x a day), then you can expect to see results quite soon. Motivation is something you can control and affirmations can help you in two ways; you can use them as and when you need to, to gain a motivation boost when you are feeling low, and also, with repeated practice over a few weeks you can create a long term, lasting change within yourself – you can use these affirmations to become someone who is naturally motivated at all times, and in all areas of your life!
Give them a go today – choose from our 3 sets of affirmations, for whichever style is your preference:
Present Tense Affirmations
I am a highly motivated person
I am motivated at all times
I am always motivated and always get things done on time
I am a naturally motivated individual and motivation comes naturally to me
I am naturally motivated and energized at the beginning of every day
I am highly motivated, ambitious and driven
I find it easy to motivate myself and get myself in the right state of mind
I am always looked up to as someone with high energy, drive, and motivation
I stay motivated throughout a project no matter what
I am always motivated and my positive energy motivates and lifts those around me

Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more and more motivated every single day
I will find the motivation when I need it
I am finding myself more motivated every day
I am turning into someone who is naturally motivated
I am getting more and more driven and ambitious
Every day I become more driven, motivated and ambitious
I will be hugely motivated and productive
I will become someone who is always motivated and switched on
I will become a naturally motivated, highly ambitious person
I am becoming more and more motivated in all areas of my life

Natural Affirmations
Motivation comes naturally to me
Being naturally motivated is a normal part of my life
Each day I am more and more motivated
Every day I wake up refreshed, ready to go, and full of motivation
Being motivated and driven is a natural part of who I am
Being motivated and ambitious is a part of life I enjoy
Getting myself in the right state of mind and motivated comes naturally to me
Firing myself up and becoming motivated comes naturally
Feeling motivated, energized and on fire is normal for me
Motivation, energy, drive, and passion are part of my daily life

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