Monday, 13 December 2010

wow this is sad.... gaduh in blog...

My daughter's convocation was jubilated by us, the family members. However there was an incident I now put behind me and enjoy life as if nothing was ruffled.

Then this kind BUT very slow reader came in and slapped an unsavoury remark, even after the sadness of a parent was subsiding and cooled to norm.

I call this reader, a slow sluggish unsavoury character.

Here is the chide:

Anonymous said...
I can't keep my feelings restrained after reading the writings from a, maybe, well educated father from, maybe, a highly civic minded society from the south. Now we can realise that sometimes the way our teenagers act and think may come from their parents as well. No wonder some of our students have the attitude of 'everything must be tiptop for them' right from the start they enter UiTM until they come for their convos. Its the attitude of some well to do parents who always wanted to be treated with 1st class service as if they are the King but yet still send their children to an institution where the primary objective is to transform not so rich children to become successful in life. How can his daughter have the endurance in life when the father could not even stand the endurance of attending a convo for just a few a hours? With all the fuss he made on UiTM with his writings in the blog, I just hope and pray that his daughter will become successful in life.

And here is the reply:

Nawiderahman said...
Thank you for your prayer Mr/Dr./Prof/Datuk/Puan/ Drs/Nenek/xxx Anonymous. You said it well. And the same prayer goes to your children and your progenies too for Allah will return favour. I am sure you too have children or even grandchildren, unless you are barren, thus you do not understand the feelings of parents vis-a-vis a convocation.
BTW, why be anonymous?
Is this a culture from the highly civic minded society from the central region of this Bolehland?
And your comprehension of English Language must have smelt vomit, for NOT ONCE did I mention about asking for a 1st class service.
If, being in the same hall as their graduating children is a first class service, then you are saying that, most universities in this Bolehland is first class, and UiTM is 2nd class!!!
You are condemning the university you are purportedly upholding!
My 2 cents worth is still valid. Your comprehension of English as a Language spews sewer!
And this is not an ANONYMOUS reply.
Read my lips.
Not an ANONYMOUS reply.


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Mohd Nawi Derahman::> Datuk... you are reading. Your proficiency is upheld. We have high esteem for you.
But Anonymous and the many more foul-English readers out there, yet to be seen, are hilarious. This could be the tip of the ice-berg Datuk. Be prepared. Pity our children who are taught by such lecturers [who are not from the south of the country as mentioned by Anonymous].
15 hours ago ·

Hanizam Sulaiman::> Hehehe.. Pity my son! Hope he is mendable (ada ke perkataan ni)!
15 hours ago ·

Mohd Nawi Derahman::> ada... could be mended haha now i must check my dictionary
15 hours ago ·

Mohd Nawi Derahman::> Sherry thank you. Thank you for being understanding. Most parents understood the context very well, unless they are BARREN and have no children, thus could not relate to a convocation very well (skewed personality).
Thanks Sherry.
15 hours ago ·


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Abdullah Mohd Nawi::> My comment on your blog Dad:

I really think our anonymous guest has misconstrued the meaning the blogposts and the frustrations of a parent who only wanted to be in the same room as his child during her once in a lifetime convocation for a first degree (future ones not including, and they would not be for the first degree).

If other major universities are able to let the parents be in the same hall as their children during this momentous event, wouldn't one expect the same courtesy from another major university?

Somehow, I don't think our anonymous guest appears to be able to differentiate between the fact that even through all the difficulties endured during the convocations (I'm very sure my father, colleagues, and myself included as we have been to quite a few, from varying universities), there wouldn't have been a peep about all this if it was made worthwhile. In this case, a parent being able to see his child,and a child being able to see her parents, during this very special occasion.

It might be a good idea to revisit the post, and actually try to understand what a person means, before beginning a tirade of thinly veiled insults that are hidden under the false guise of civility.

My father's comments are scathing, yes I do admit, but sir/madam, your thinly veiled insults are very personal in nature, and one does not attack a person for his views. One debates the views.

I would also like to add, sir/mdm, that a large number of our family is proud to be affiliated with UiTM (or ITM), and we are extremely proud of them.

Also, as members of the academic fraternity, we are proud of what UiTM is doing for the country, as we all benefit from it.

The only matter debated here, sir/mdm, is that a parent was not permitted the courtesy of seeing his child receive her scroll, and not asking for a first class, red carpet treatment.

I ask, was this such a crime that such provocative and very personal attacks be made?
2 hours ago ·


"Now we can realise that sometimes the way our teenagers act and think may come from their parents as well. No wonder some of our students have the attitude of 'everything must be tiptop for them' right from the start they enter UiTM until they come for their convos"

I hate it when someone talks about setting the right attitude and example to our students when HE/SHE/IT slink behind a name like "Anonymous"! You must be one who was educated abroad and return home to be a Master Coward. What a waste of PUBLIC MONEY! And that is a great example you are showing to the students?

Ahh my remarks were scathing?
And I don't mince words!

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