Friday, 27 March 2009

DISNEY Research opening... wow

Post-Doctoral Researcher Position in
Human - Computer Interaction.
Open Immediately.

Disney Research, Pittsburgh has an open
position for a Post-doctoral Researcher in
Human-Computer Interaction to join a diverse
and dynamic group of researchers and industry
practitioners inventing new technologies for
media and entertainment industry.
The ideal candidate will have recently completed
a PhD in science or engineering and has an
excellent research track records in at least one of
the following areas:
Physical User Interfaces:
- Haptics and tactile feedback interfaces,
- Tangible and embodied interfaces,
- Actuated and robotic interfaces,
- Smart materials and novel actuators.
Ubiquitous computing:
- Innovative sensors and sensor networks,
- Interactive surfaces,
- Interfaces for mobile devices,
- User activity tracking and recognition,
- Spatial sound.
Interactive computer graphics:
- 3D user interfaces,
- Perceptual rendering,
- Interfaces for easy content authoring,
- Augmented and mixed reality.

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