Wednesday, 18 March 2009

informal learning

am i doing this?

things to do as a checklist.......

Incorporating learning into your own activities
1. When you are washing dishes, turn the water on and
off in an exaggerated fashion, making corresponding
noises (e.g. say “on” and “off”) while making regular eye
contact with your child to ensure that he is interested.
2. While you are reading a book or newspaper, let your
child watch you turning pages and let him attempt to
turn the pages himself.
3. When you are cooking, show your child the circular
stirring motion of the wooden spoon, again making
corresponding sounds (e.g. “round and round” or “stir,
stir, stir”).

If I am then Alhamdulillah. or not better starts now.

Better late than nerver. yeh


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