Wednesday, 25 March 2009

know your child 3

How Well Do You Know Your Child?

  • What is your child's biggest fear?
  • Proudest accomplishment?
  • Favourite possession?
  • The answers may surprise you.

No matter how much time we spend with our children, there are always important or illuminating things we don't know about them. To find out how well you know your child, answer the following 30 questions. (More than one child? Jot down the answers on separate pieces of paper.) Then schedule a time to sit down with your youngster to see how well you did. Not only will this quiz give you an opportunity to grade yourself, but it can help you to learn more about your family.

  1. Who is your child's best friend?
  2. What colour would your child like his/her room to be?
  3. Who is your child's hero?
  4. What embarrasses your child most?
  5. What is your child's biggest fear?
  6. What makes your child really angry?
  7. What are your child's favourite and least favourite subjects in school?
  8. In gym, would your child rather play basketball, do exercises or run relays?
  9. What is your child's nickname in school?
  10. What is your child's favourite music?
  11. What is your child's biggest complaint about the family?
  12. If you could buy your child anything in the world, what would be his/her first choice?
  13. What is your child's favourite television show?
  14. What accomplishment is your child proudest of?
  15. What was the biggest disappointment in your child's life in the past year?
  16. What is your child's favourite sport?
  17. What non-school book has your child most enjoyed recently?
  18. Which of these chores is disliked most: drying dishes, cleaning his/her room or taking out the garbage?
  19. Does your child feel too small or too big for his/her age?
  20. What would your child like to be as a grown-up?
  21. What gift from you has been cherished most?
  22. Does your child prefer to do homework after school, after supper, or in the morning before school?
  23. Who is your child's favourite teacher?
  24. What person outside the family has most influenced your child's life?
  25. What is your child's favourite family occasion?
  26. Does your child feel liked by the children at school?
  27. Would your child's first choice for a vacation be a camping trip, a visit to a big city or a boat trip?
  28. What foods does your child like and dislike most?
  29. Which would your child prefer as a pet: a cat, a dog, a bird or a fish?
  30. What is your child's most prized possession?



You listen well to your youngster.
Keep up the good work.
24-14 Although you know quite a bit about your child,
perhaps you need to fine-tune your listening.
Below 14 You need to improve communication.
Start talking more. Listen more.

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