Friday, 27 March 2009

interesting reading

Its not uncommon for children to read so far ahead but the level of understanding is the critical deciding factor.( both comprehension and meaning/context of individual words).
To recheck your childs standard try comprehension tests this will identify whether the level of reading is correct.
Choose the difficult words in text and ask for the childs meaning of the word.
have the story retold to you in their own words and ask the meaning of the story.This should give you a guide to how much is being understood.
I read with many children and it appears they are well beyond their age reading groups but when tested they are not actually comprehending what they are able to read.

Level 1 or below.

Your child has not gained the national target in one (or more) of the subjects tested. Special education needs provision may already be provided by the school.


Although gaining Level 2, your child will still need to work hard to keep up.


This means you child has reached the correct level for his or her age, but still needs to work to maintain or improve it.


Your child has achieved a very good level and is well prepared for Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6). He or she should have no difficulty in Year 3 and upwards if they continue to work hard.


This is a very high standard. Few children reach this upper level at the end of Key Stage 1. (Some children in Hamilton do achieve this level)

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