Monday, 22 March 2010

kotak packing

i have been looking box for packing for a long time.

even 3 years ago, if i founc a box then i will keep it.

lately i found boxes outside spar, then collect it and used for packing.
but last saturday when i look for it nothing. empty and i feel so sad and i cried.

so on sunday i call a few friends to ask for box. some reply some will get back.
i wish to buy box but don;t know where to look and how. so nervous.
but then a friend, a good friend give an advice to contact another friend because they just bought it 40 boxes. at first i think hmmm maybe i can buy from them.

so i called. i ask for extras to buy then how and they email me the link.
BUT BEST of all they offer to buy it for me. i was so over joyed and say thank you.

Thank you Allah for uplifting my burden and worries. i was over the moon.

i ask for help and information but i got a lot more.

so NIkmat mana yang engkau tidak syukuri. in surah Rahman rings in my ear.

Allah is great and he gives me a lot of positive and great friends around me.
i cry and thank yuu and may Allah bless all my great friends. all of them.

they teach me to be positive and help people esp the one in need like me.

so this morning, i pay for them to buy 40 boxes and instantly they purchased for me and i got 10 boxes earlier for me to start packing. syukur ALLAH. you are the GREAT.

thank you friends and thank you ALLAH.

i am so happy....

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