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Read Write Inc. Fresh Start Literacy Programme - help develop your child's reading skills.

Many parents and carers are keen to use Read Write Inc. with their children at home to help them get reading - FAST! This section is dedicated to you and how you can help develop your child's reading skills.

What Schools Say

* Maryland Primary School
* Monteagle Primary School
* Elmhurst Primary School
* St. Helen's Junior School
* Melcombe Primary School
* Shawclough Primary School
* St. John Southworth RC Primary School
* Bowlee Park Community School
* Child's Hill School
* Canon Barnett Primary School
* Easton CE Primary School
* Ernest Bevin College

Maryland Primary School, London

"How can we ever thank you? Read Write Inc. actually teaches children to read and write. We love using this programme because children achieve so much so quickly. They want to read and write. It's the best literacy programme we have ever known."
Lorna Jackson, Headteacher


"In 5 weeks and 3 days we have seen huge progress in terms of whole groups moving up levels together. One child in particular started off by just learning their sounds and was moved to the green level reading group in 5 weeks. This child is someone who has challenging behaviour so we are particularly thrilled with the results."
Ms Lynna Thompson, Monteagle Primary School Dagenham


Elmhurst Primary School, Newham

"Reading fluently is the biggest gift that we can give to our children before they leave us to start their secondary school. Read Write Inc. has been instrumental in our quest that 'no child can slip through the net'. Every child deserves the best." "We have been teaching Read Write Inc. for 3 and half years now. The impact has been quite remarkable. We see children learning to read very quickly because of the structured and rigorous teaching of phonics. Their writing and comprehension skills also improve. The programme involves a lot of speaking and listening, especially in 'talk partners'. The children are put in to small groups according to their ability. Because of the structured nature of the programme and the use of talk partners to keep children active and engaged, boys respond particularly well and remain motivated. The work is matched according to their ability so boys are not given the opportunity to get bored and to start misbehaving. We assess them regularly and move them up to the next group if they have made good progress. If children struggle, we give them extra 1-1 help in the afternoons."
Mr Shahed Ahmed, Elmhurst Primary School, Newham


St. Helen's Junior School, Brentwood, Essex

"Year 5 have been using Fresh Start for a year and lots of children have gone up by 2 levels ie some children that started at 2c/2b went up to 4c, as well as lots of them achieving 3a. The children are much more confident ­ right across the curriculum".
Literacy coordinator, St. Helens Junior School.
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Melcombe primary school, London

"I have implemented the Read Write Inc. phonics programme in my class and seen an improvement in reading, writing and spelling. Things that I have noticed are that the children approach writing tasks with increased confidence and use their phonetic knowledge when trying to spell unfamiliar words. The actions linked to the sounds help to engage all learners especially EAL children and it has been seen that they use these visual cues to help spell words. Letter formation has also improved- the ditties are fun and memorable for the children. Children are keen, happy and have a sense of achievement, when reading books appropriate to their level."
Teacher at Melcombe Primary School
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Shawclough Primary School, Rochdale

"At Shawclough we began using Read Write Inc. in KS1 three years ago. The effects were immediate; children were motivated and began to respond to learning perfect pronunciation with great enthusiasm correcting their parents with glee if they got it wrong. As the programme works from what the children know and builds on that steadily our pupils have a really positive view of learning to read and write and our standards have risen steadily. Staff are also enthusiastic and would be reluctant to return to previous methods of teaching literacy. The programme sets a good pace and is well structured with a minimum of planning required, what more could a busy teacher ask for! "

"Special needs children throughout the school are taught literacy using this method. It is also useful when children transfer to us from other settings and, if necessary, an intensive course enables them to quickly catch up to their peers. "

"An added bonus is that speech therapists endorse the use of Read Write Inc. with young people who have speech problems."
Ms Judith Talbot, Shawclough Primary School, Rochdale
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St. John Southworth RC Primary School, Lancashire

"We have been using the Read Write Inc. programme for one year now. We began by assessing all the children in the school and grouping them accordingly. The children quickly adapted to working in different literacy groups and it was evident, after just a few weeks that the confidence of the children had grown. "

"They could see the progress they were making and they were being given the chance to succeed. One year on, it is wonderful to see the improvement in reading and writing levels of our Year 1 and Year 2 children. A year of teaching, following the programme, has raised their achievement. We just wish we had found the programme earlier!"
Miss E Deegan, Literacy Co-ordinator St. John Southworth Primary School, Lancashire
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Bowlee Park Community School, Middleton, Manchester

"It works!"

"There are many dimensions to your programme that support teaching and learning (I know you know this but I thought you might like to hear that it is appreciated)."

"The children identified SEN are also making better progress and I will be able to focus more on them now the programme is established in the school."

"The successful teaching that has been evident since September has had a beneficial effect on learning and behaviour across the school. Thank you."
Sue Watts, Furrow Community School
Visit the Bowlee Park Community School website
Child's Hill School, Barnet

"The children learn to read very quickly. Struggling children are picked up immediately and given extra tutoring and, if necessary, moved to a group more suited to their pace.

It develops self-confidence in the children as they succeed immediately and learn to read words right from the beginning. They are also answering questions and this gives them confidence in their ability to think and give clear answers."
Teacher at Child's Hill School, Barnet
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Canon Barnett Primary School, Tower Hamlets, London

"Using Read Write Inc. has helped to improve standards: everyone knows our expectations and there is a consistency of standards. We know that we are aiming for all children to read well, particularly those who are underperforming. Standards in the foundation Stage and KS1 have risen since the introduction of Read Write Inc. We are very impressed that our reception children were writing simple sentences confidently by Christmas. 'Fred Talk' has been a positive influence on children's ability to sound blend for word reading."

"Year 1 reading results made a large improvement in the first year we were in the project. These are now our expectations. Before using rml we had many children achieving NC Level 2c. This year, all children achieved Level 2b and above (apart from one child with significant learning difficulties)."

"Children display a huge confidence in their reading and writing since we have started Read Write Inc. They are very enthusiastic participants in their lessons. Specific training and on-going support help to ensure that the school maintains high standards. Manuals provide good quality support for both teachers and teaching assistants. As they are so well structured, teaching assistants can teach small groups allowing us to cater effectively for a wider range of abilities. They also provide a good basis to plan intensive sessions in the afternoons so that pupils who are falling behind, for whatever reason, can be taught by teaching assistants in Read Write Inc. tutoring programmes."

"We have taken on partner work as a whole school as we could see how effective it was being in the rml classes. Children respond well to the stop signal. Talk partners, and the idea that we are looking for a 100% participation at all times has had a huge impact on the whole curriculum. There are less behaviour issues as everyone is involved and on task. We have reviewed our whole curriculum with this in mind."
Canon Barnett Primary School, Tower Hamlets
Easton CE Primary School, Bristol

"The introduction of Read Write Inc. in our school has been hugely positive. In the first four months the average child in our inner city primary made over a whole level progress in their ability to decode texts. The programme has been particularly helpful to enable newly arrived children with EAL (and with no previous schooling) to rapidly acquire the skills to read and write."

"We have also found that Read Write Inc. works well in Years 5 and 6 when children have forgotten the phonics they learned when they first started school - now they have another strategy for reading and spelling."

"The children enjoy the fast progress they are making, and teachers and LSAs find it simpler to teach groups of children working at the same level. We are looking forward to seeing how our new Reception Class children take to the programme!"
Teacher at Easton CE primary school.
Ernest Bevin College, London

"Ernest Bevin College was one of the first secondary schools in the country to use the Read Write Inc. Fresh Start Literacy Programme. Five years later we are still using it with outstanding results. So much so, there has been Borough-wide training in the programme and many other Secondaries and Primaries are now using the materials. The success of the programme is quite simply down to the fact that it is based on very sound pedagogy - a synthetic phonic approach; supported by materials that the pupils find engaging and a methodology that is straightforward and enjoyable to deliver."

"As Lead Teacher for SEN Literacy I have used the materials with the most profoundly dyslexic students, who on entry to the college were functionally illiterate, eg: reading ages below 7 years. Often these students are despondant and disengaged as other intervention hasn't worked. The impact is immediate and within weeks they can feel the difference. Their confidence increases which in turn motivates them to keep working at developing their literacy skills. Each level of the programme has regulated text meaning that pupils can experience success but are sufficiently challenged by the decoding and interest level of the text. I wholeheartedly recommend Fresh Start - it definitely lives up to its name! "
Caroline Leahy, Lead Teacher for SEN Literacy
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