Tuesday, 9 March 2010

pengalaman camping

first this is to practise my writing.

i would like to write about my child hood experince of going camping
at taman negara. It was a beautiful place that i have ever go and a long journey too.
we travel by bus and another hour travel by boat all the way to taman negara.

never been in a boat for an hour. that is a journey that i will never forget and i cherished.

more information on taman negara can be found in wikipedia here.


Taman Negara encompasses three states, Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu, each with its own legislation. The Taman Negara Enactment (Pahang) No. 2 of 1939 is enforced in the state of Pahang, the Taman Negara Enactment (Kelantan) No. 14 of 1938 in the state of Kelantan and the Taman Negara Enactment (Terengganu) No. 6 of 1939 in the state of Terengganu. The enactments have similar contents.

After reaching there, we were put into 2 hostels. one hostel for boys and one for girls. The best is the hostel is made of wood and there is no wall in front of us.

so what it mean when we wake up we can see directly the trees and leaves and the river in front os us. a spectacular scene and never dream os staying in a hostel just like that. there is no comfortable bed and no pillow. just a wood plank or i think think we called it a 'pangkin'. it is so simple that i dream to have a home like that where when wake up you straight see the nature of forest. wow!


here is what i gather from ...

" Many take Malaysia vacations to the area because of their love of nature and the numerous things to do inside Taman Negara Malaysia. If you're not a nature lover, this won't be for you. Canopy walks, Malaysia tours on the Pahang River and jungle treks are just some of the activities offered. The canopy walk is one of the longest in the world and extends more than 1,500 feet across and 130 feet high. This is a favorite among tourists on Malaysia holidays as the phenomenal bird's eye view is breathtaking. There are also cave systems that beckon to be explored during your Taman Negara holiday. Eco- tourism abounds and a Taman Negara resort is not hard to find. Note that all park visitors have to obtain permits from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

During your Taman Negara holiday you'll forget all about city life and shopping or elegant dining will be far away from your mind as you enjoy this natural paradise. Accommodations come in a variety of options when looking for a room for your Taman Negara holiday. Mutiara Taman Negara Malaysia is described as a "natural sanctuary" flanked by tropical greenery and rambling valleys. Transportation to this Taman Negara resort is by river boat, which is included in the rate, and coach transfer can also be arranged from Kuala Lumpur. "

above is the source from


but the funny part is most of us come from city so i think most is not really excited of staying in the forest. i remember when we do jungle trekking , there is a boy with an insect repellent and always spray it to make sure no insects surronds him. and one thing that all afraid of is 'pacat' as in picture....

and this is what you will be if it bites you...

or like this....

more stories later...

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