Tuesday, 26 May 2009

british got talent

since i am studying here in uk ; Moral : Don;t judge a person by its face.

as the saying says don;t judge a book by its cover.....

so the latest news is as title above:

It was a beautiful morning the sun shone through my living and dinning room windows. In the distance through the breaks of the foliage of the mango trees outside in the garden I could see the tops of tall coconut trees swaying gently in the warm tropical breeze. There where exotic colorful birds searching for flying insects amongst the gently swaying branches of the mango tree’s heavy with the nearly ripen fruit.

I made my early morning beverage of sweet smelling aromatic coffee and then made my way to my study to write my daily citizen journalist article. I switch on my computer after taking a sip of coffee. After windows had loaded I was alerted that I had mail. One email message about Susan Boyles final performance on “Britain’s got Talent” instantly had all my attention as her audition prior not only took Britain by surprise but the world.

She looked like a frumpy Scottish spinster, of whom shock us all with her humor and really beautiful operatic performance one would expect at the Royal Albert Hall or the world finest opera house.

Britain has a new singer to sing patriotic heart whelming songs of its former pomp and glory and the world has a new opera singer a natural artist, yes there is no question that Susan will make her mark on the world. I can now vision her singing Land of the Free at the US super bowl.

I noted that the story in Yahoo news related “Britain has talent’ was a copy of American Idol the reporter made a mistake it’s the other way round. Lol

However to day I not only feel good about my life in general I also feel proud to be British. My lost patriotism has crept back in a moment of weakness.

Yesterday once again Susan thrilled the British with a rendering of shear bliss and sung like a nightingale; clearly she has great talent and a great new future. She of course will already be booked for the yearly Royal gala performance at the end of this year. She has now become part of Great Britain pomp and glory scene.

Her brilliant performance Sunday

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