Thursday, 14 May 2009

Read a story to your child

Remember, children learn best when reading is relaxed and enjoyable so give lots of praise.

Encourage your child to try to read any words they do not recognise by saying the sounds of each letter pattern separately (e.g. l-o-ng), then running the sounds together quickly. If they find it difficult to say the sounds, say the sounds for them first and then see if they can hear the word.

Explain that it is important when running the sounds in a word together to check to see if it sounds like a real word as some words are less regular (e.g. have). Read these words to your child if they don't recognise them. Point out the letters that make the usual sound in each word (e.g. the h in have)

Example phonic words:
bobtail, tail, tails, away, play, stingray, chase, shapes, snake, waves, whale, a, amazing, scaly, sees, three, whee, eat, eats, leap, peacock, be, he, she, happy, pony, puppy, stumpy, flies, like, likes, sizes, white, by, I'll, lion, burrow, show, go, going, opens, pony, so, goat, crocodile

Example context words:
of, have, all, to, do, her, wants, you, the

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