Monday, 18 May 2009

Law of attraction

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What does Islam say about "the secret" aka the law of attraction?
I'm a devout Muslim (at least I do my best). I've recently discovered the law of attraction and have tried extremely hard to implement it into my life, to focus on positivity, and on goals I want to retrieve, and by doing so I attract success to myself. It's really helping me better mentally speaking, but I'd like to know Islam's stance on this type of ideology. The following is a wikipedia link to read more on the law of attraction:

Happy New Years! Peace.

Additional Details
Peace, correction, the law of attraction uses meditation and your belief to make your vibrations (energy from your thoughts) to attract like thoughts which you focus on throughout your day, to attract to you and become a reality. Note that praying to Allah and doing "salah" is a form of meditation. The law of attraction can be used from a Muslim person asking of Allah. There's is no fault in this matter.

How is it like a "doctrine", I perceive it as a mere philosophy which works if applied correctly.


Actually I did watch that one hour film of law of attraction and to me it was the true meaning of Sooratol Ibrahim Verse 24 that reads: And we give you of all that you ask for. I'd always wondered how could this verse be true and to have ALL that we ask for. In this film they call it law of attraction. to me it is the proof that God gives us ALL that we asked for. I loved the movie. After watching it I was so positive that i even cut off the negative cable on my car battery:):) just kidding.

law of attraction

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