Tuesday, 22 December 2009

pass my literacy level 2 english exam

pass my literacy level 2 english exam

Hooray.... i pass my exam.

what did i do next?

Play with the SNOW.......

what? make a snow man.

this is thickest snow ever fall in Lancaster during my stay here....

the best ever.

good thing about making a snow man,,, it is fun.

my daughter and son happy playing with the sledge.


I got a call from my friend and also a neighbour. Hey or hello,
my husband told me to get ready to play snow at the university because the snow is really thick today.

Hmmm... I can;t go. I answered back because i have an english exam at 9 am.
Anyway my little daughter can go with you. ok do join us after exam.

So i walk to the exam centre at Adult College and wow What a beautiful DAY!

Full of SNOW everywhere. Even my clothes liner are full of snow. covered and thick.

Then i did my exam. got nervous and thought it was hard. very hard. it was an online computer and the result is obtain straight away. There are 8 of us. All 8 of us PASS.
including my indian friend who was nervous and feel not ready, she score the highest score 35/40. Congratulations to her.

Then I walk back home passing the bowerham primay school and University Cumbria. Wow lots of people playing snow using the sledge.

Lots of snow man too!!!!

Call my son and daughter to go out from house and took lots of picture playing with snow. Both just sit in front of computer for 5 hours while the snow is so beautiful outside. what a waste of viewing at Allah's creation = SNOW....

Then collect together and play snow at Lancaster university hill.

nice. going down on the sledge give an exciting feeling.

good to scream at the top of your voice. once in a while.

release all the tension esp. after taking the exam....

what a wonderful EXPERIENCE !!!



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