Thursday, 24 June 2010

Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Sim Free Mobile Phone

Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Sim Free Mobile Phone - Black
by Apple

RRP: £1,057.50
Price: £599.99
You Save: £457.51 (43%)


This review is from: Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Sim Free Mobile Phone - Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
I owned an iPhone for a short time when they were initially released on O2 and sold it as I felt let down on internet download speeds and one or two other niggly points. Having now obtained one via Orange all I can give it is the highest praise. Everything about it is faster, but the two that matter are jaw droppingly fast - namely web browsing and file transfers from your pc. Web browsing in wifi spots is almost broadband speed with certain more commonly used websites providing iPhone/mobile specific links that make the experience even faster. Syncing is even faster and uploading music and videos is done in under half the time of previous models. The battery life isn't the best though and quickly diminishes when using video intensive apps or viewing U Tube, Sky News, etc. Under normal usage I'd say you'ld get no more than two days from a full charge. I've purchased a spare charger to keep at work just in case.......

One more very pleasing thing for me was that the EU volume limitations imposed on the iPod Touches (which annoyingly capped how loud we were allowed to listen to our music) don't seem to apply to the iPhone and listening to my music totally rocked - at a volume I chose. The built in speakers on the iPhone are also surprisingly loud and clear too.

Not much more to say really other than it's the most awesome and versatile gadgets you'll ever own.

Expensive; yes but as equally as amazing.


Amazing really. I have heard many times before that convergence is almost upon us. This is the nearest thing to one device does everything that exists.
TV, Video, Radio, MP3, Games Machine, Calculator, GPS SatNav, Reference Guide, Map, Travel Companion, oh and its also a phone!

I agree the only downside of this little baby is the battery life which can be a pain if you are pumping along watching TV vie WiFi.

I think the best offers are still on contract which seem to include Data for free.

If you dont own an iPhone its just a matter of time before you see one and want one. This device is THE best there is on the market at the moment. Awesome !!


I purchased a black 32GB iPhone 3GS from hfx mob a week ago... and not only did I get excellent and courteous service from this store.... I also received an excellent phone/complete entertainment centre for myself and my 1 year old son! I don't know how I'd manage without the iPhone. It's a phone, an iPod (I love the fact that I can go out with the stroller and listen to my podcasts without missing a call) a computer and a personal organiser. It also provides my boy with stories and games to entertain, amuse and relax him.
Great value from hfx mob and an essential item. Thank you very much hfx mob! Due to an error on my part (I gave incorrect seller feedback which I then removed when I discovered my mistake) ... I was unable to replace my feedback for hfx mob. I would hope this goes a little way towards rectifying that.

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