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Welcome to

Thank you for your visit to webspace. Ekabakti is a website where his founder 's ambition to make it to be among ten best Islamic website in the world. While we are working toward this target, we absolutely thinking how to serve our people with the great of power of knwoledge we have in Islam.

Ekabakti is a webname and a domain for his founder, Amir Hamzah. Ekabakti derives from two words, one word "eka", meaning 'one' in Sanskrit, and "bakti", is a Malays word meaning "unmeasured and inmaterial contribution to people." Ekabakti also presently a name of one place in Indonesia, but it is a coincedent as the founder never been there before and originated from a place in Kemaman, Malaysia. is group of application designed to help you to learn more about Islam, sharing knowledge regarding Islam and help you to become a better Muslim.

The concept of is simple. We trying to host as many application as we have that suitable for Muslim and non-Muslim to learn about Islam. Not all Muslims well knowing with all Islamic principles which was rooted from Al-Quran and Hadith. That's why we created an affordable place for Muslim who knows the knowledge and share it with other members.

Ekabakti was previously started his mission in 2002 by constructing an Al-Quran application where it associated 6326 image of original Al-Quran verses in Rasm Uthmani and embed together with multi-translations of Al-Quran in English, Malays and Europe language. This application can interactively interact with user to read Al-Quran and his translations. In 2003, Al-Quran application expanded to tafsir (exegesis) scope after we successfully converted Tafsirs text from web into MySQL database. The tafsir module consists of four main tafsir in Islam including Tafsir Jalalayn, Tabari, Qurtubi and Ibnu Kathir. We also added search ability to help user to make a search quickly throughout the database. In the same year, we constructed Hadith application with focus on Sunan Sittah, 6 greatest hadith compilation book is Islam. The application used to help user to navigate hadith and initiate search over the database.


new ==

=== Version 2010

2010 is just a beginning. Now, turn to 8 years old. It's really hard to maintain the site to be relevent to all users. The new internet stream today, consist more on sharing and networking. Same goes to Da'wah. So, in this year version, we concentrating to sharing knowledge as a integral part of da'wah. Aspired by the work of Ibn Sina, Al-Khawarizmi, Ibn Khaldun, Al-Ghazali, 4 imams of Mazhab Al-Syafie, Al-Maliki, Ahmad and Hambali, these all scholars believe the power of knwoledge is a strongest part of da'wah and to show pride over the other mankind.

What's new in
We decided to rewrite the code using more structural web application. With the clear target and focus we have decided to let this website to host all the application in the way that user can contribute something to the knowledge. Users who like da'wah found themselves exhausted to sharing knowledge and what resource of knowledge they have. So, this lead us to built up more application where user can submit, for instance by usning blong entry, blog commentary and discussion.

Easier Links and Web Structure
Version 2010 offers more easy to use link structure to prevent user from lost and help them to use all application provided to our member. Repositioning of link let it easier to find the appropriate oeration to be completed.

Al-Quran & Hadith Application
Al-Quran Application is re-writen and the application now devided into 3 segment, reading, listening and searching. We included Audio Recitation, where you can continuosly listen the recitation on each verses according to chapter. For hadith, we added discussion tools, where you can discuss a hadith or add translation to the hadith.

Blog Entry
The blog application created in your membership. The only thing you need to do is writing, and publish it thru network. We allow user to discuss and add comment to your entry.

Comparative Religion
We have added new Bible Application consisting 82 books of Bible assambled in three volumes, Old Testament, Aporypha and New Testament. This application also offers search engine to search thru the database.

Da'wah Expression
We added new Da'wah Expression, an entry tool to let user to express their knowledge and post it to Ekabakti board and the user page. Da'wah expression let you to write anything regarding Islam, knowledge that user want to share with ekabakti members.

Online Library
We also offering a beta version of our Online library, where you can save your own catalogues of media including books, cds, journals, paperwork and etc, and if you set it as active, other user may know that you have that media. So, the sharing of knwoledge resources become reality with this application.

Security and enhancement
We added captcha system as our security code in registration, abusing control and several application with user contribution scripts.

We hope this website and its new features will help you to utilize da'wah in your heart.

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