Tuesday, 12 April 2011

alhamdulillah able to make a dental appointment


all praises to Allah


all hardship will end in easiness and twice Allah mention in Quran.

My son was sick and painful tooth ache last saturday and i called the dental emergency
but it was closed.

so i told him be patience and wait till monday.

i gave him paracetamol.

monday walked to the hospital but cant make an appointment instead got a number to call.

then call and it wass fully booked.

have to ring again at 5 30 pm if there is any cancel appointment.

no no one cancel to call again next tuesday morning.

== tuesday call wait another half an hour to get appointment

able to meet at 11 am.

drive to hospital all the way to morecombe.

very bad tooth. adult tooth too.

need to get it out.

3 options say the doctor.

very nice, i go for first option and dr want 2nd option and hannan too choose 2nd option.

so another appointment tomorrow at 11 am again.

thank you Allah. thank you so much for the patience and the hardship that i go through..

hope it will make me a stronger person.



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