Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wasiat Grandma to Cucu Introduction

To my beloved cucu,

today I am thinking of you. you who not existed yet.

Just to ponder and tell you not to say " I am tired!".

This is what taught to me by my father.
I remember one day i arrived home from my boarding school,
very tired. My father send me for a chore. my mum said she is tired and my father replied,
"Never say you are tired."

So i did the chore.

Then last saturday, i finished work and a friend ask me to usrah.
i was tired but i did after pursued or persuade by her.

When i was there, several people notice how quiet i am.
You look tired and i replied with a smile and remember my father at the same time.

i love you all my friends and my beloved cucu(s).


your Grandma

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