Friday, 26 June 2009

Benefits of Eliminating Anger

“He who conquers his anger has conquered an enemy” - German Proverb

Every desire that you have becomes another opportunity for reality to disappoint you. When you don’t get what you desire, you feel bad. Every time that you abandon or modify a rule to make it easier to manage you simultaneously make it easier for you to be happier and more cheerful. Remember: The people with fewest rules are happiest.

On top of that, anger leads to damaging responses and if that occurs over trivial issues or things that are impossible to change, then it wreaks unnecessary and avoidable damage. That just creates a catalog of human misery and tragedy. That can be eliminated through understanding the mechanism. It’s really very simple. You have no excuse to let anger wreak havoc and damage in your life.

If you are frequently angry, then you have a lot of work to do here, but after a while you stop responding with anger to events. As soon as a bad result occurs and you feel anger starting to rise, you instead shrug your shoulders, or give a little sigh and say to yourself, “Oh well, that’s my reality. I didn’t get the result that I wanted and I accept that. What’s the best way to respond now?”

This is a nice place to get to. Instead of letting your emotions control you (and anger is one of the worst because of the physiological changes that occur), you manage your desires and hence have mastery over yourself. Instead of responding with damaging verbal or physical violence you bypass that reaction immediately and instead tap straight into your personal resourcefulness, where you think ‘What’s next?’ or ‘How can I get that result that I want?’

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