Friday, 5 June 2009

Get a higher education

receive a letter from my son school... hmmmm what is it for?

Dear parent,

on Wednesday 17th June we will taking a group of year 10 pupils to the 'Aimhigher' event at UCLAN Preston. Pupils will get the chance to take part in 3 workshops and a campus tour.

'Aimhigher' is a nationally organised scheme designed to inform selected students about higher education options.

Pupils are eligible for this event if their school identifies them as having the potential to pass a degree or equivalent qualification.

Your son/daughter has been identified as someone who has the potential to get a higher education qualification and who might benefit from visiting this event. We therefore writing to ask you to give permission for them to attend.

Mrs JMWilliams
Aim higher co ordinator
skerton community high school

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