Saturday, 7 August 2010

watch movies online" for free

Watch Movies: Watch Movies Online for Free

Watching movies online has never been more popular, and previously here on Crenk we have review so many sites trying to get user eyeballs. Today we have come across yet another great movie links site which is called Watch Movies.

After looking to their directory they seem to have a great list of new and old movies in pretty much every genre possible. All you need to do is search their database for the movie or movies you want to watch and then they provide a very simple link in which you can click and download your movie, its that simple!

Im not entirely sure how legal this site is, plus when you go to download your movie you need a special piece of software. This is all provided for free but is a lot more annoying then just heading to Hulu and seeing if they have the same movie.

It seems like Watch Movies and Movies Links are pretty much exactly the same site and probably owned by the same guy.

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