Tuesday, 10 August 2010

research on link building services

i am again

doing research research research in

link building services and this is interesting testimonial i got

may be one day i am aim to subscribe their service

and one day too i will have a become business owner.... my dream


About 3 years ago*, Forumlinkbuilding.com worked on a SEO campaign for a real estate lead generation website that I own. Thanks to their work, I have been able to completely turn off my adwords and yahoo paid search campaigns and rely solely on organic clicks. The leads are higher quality and best of all, they are FREE! I am saving in excess of $10,000 US per month thanks to their hard work.

Richard Ryan
Business owner | www.primacymortgage.com, USA
Send an email to Richard Ryan: primacymortgage@gmail.com


Just wanted to note that thanks to Forumlinkbuilding.com today we hold top rankings for very competitive search terms such as games, free games, online games, etc on Google which drive almost Half a Million Visitors to Our Site per Month.

We believe their work had a large part in our success and anyone serious about going after competitive terms should consider forum link building as part of their strategy. Now we promote our second site using Forumlinkbuilding.com services.

Brian O'Connor
usiness owner | USA

I tried many SEO companies and didn’t like the results, so I was very skeptical about placing an order with Forumlinkbuilding.com first. But after reading few reviews I decided to give them a try. And I must tell that I was very surprised with the results & services I received. Reports are perfect. And most of all, in just a month we had to hire few more sales people to be able to answer all new incoming calls from our clients!

Thank you guys!

Mery Jason
Marketing specialist | USA

First, I would like to say thank you for your company service. We can follow everyday the results and we see that is working. We've tried many other and we did not like it.

Yes you can give our email and phone, as much as we have been reading your web we'll be able to answer the questions. We also speak 5 Languages, in case they do not speak English. (Portuguese, English, Italian, French and Spanish).

If my friends from Brazil would like to use your service, are you able to help sites in Portuguese?

Luiz Silva & Julia Frozza
Business owners | USA

I am the president and CEO of Nothing But SEO, LLC. We made a decision several months ago to use Forumlinkbuilding.com as a provider for our own one-way link building to assist in boosting our popularity and search engine rankings. First, let me say that they do everything they say they will and more. The professionals I worked with and was in contact with made changes I asked for, were extremely polite and very knowledgeable. Their Forum Link Building service is extremely effective and I recommend it to everyone!

That being said, the service is invaluable. The links, without question helped boost our rankings for targeted keyword phrases and they keep on moving up. Oh yea, we are a very real company, and if you would like to talk to me or one of the other folks in our SEO Agency about Forumlinkbuilding.com and their one-way link building service, please feel free to email me at nothingbutseo@gmail.com. We're real and they are too!

We will be adding Forumlinkbuilding.com to our list of affiliates that we recommend for your business. There is no better value for the price.

Doug Kelly
President & CEO | USA
Send am email to Doug Kelly: nothingbutseo@gmail.com


FYI, even though I only purchased the 100 forums package for a very new site with an exiting PR of 0. Now I'm ranking #2 at Google for one of my main keyword phrases.

Small business owner, USA


I've been on the online business for many years and own several websites. I came upon their service in Digital point forum and decided to try them out to see how effective their service really was. I have to say that their link building service produced greater results then I originally expected.

After I had that great experience with this company, I now use them for every new project I have. Forumlinkbuilding.com get my websites high on serps and their customer support is top of the line. I can always contact them by email or IM and they always respond very fast.

I'm truly glad I found their service. I don't normally give testimonials but I made an exception here because I believe they deserve it.

Keep up the good work guys.

Edwin Delgado
Business Owner | www.edrawsoft.com

In my 5 years as a SEO & Marketing manager in SellMoreNow.com I have come across many SEO companies & different kind of link building services and investing in Forum Link Building Service was a no-brainer.

David Brown
SEO Specialist | Best Buy

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