Monday, 6 July 2009

the heatwave is over then now unsettled and rainy

wow or phew the heatwave is over,

but here is the new forecast for this week...

it makes me think am i happy hot and very hot

or wet and all soak in water? hmmmmm.... no answer yet but i think i prefer hot.

here is the more detail news or weather forecast for my current place....

The heatwave is officially over as thunderstorms and heavy rain are expected to deluge Britain over the next few days.

The high pressure which caused tropical temperatures of more than 30C across the UK for almost a week is being ousted by a low pressure front moving in from the west.

The western half of the UK and Scotland will experience the heaviest showers as temperatures plummet from the recent highs.

The rain is set to lessen but temperatures will stay low for the rest of the week.

But forecasters believe sports fans flocking to Sophia Gardens in Cardiff for the start of the Ashes tussle between England and Australia on Wednesday should see a fair amount of play.

A spokesman for MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said: "Unfortunately it does seem to be the case that the heatwave is over.

"All the hot and dry weather was down to high pressure, but we will now see low pressure moving in from the west bringing rain and forcing temperatures to fall."

He said the forecast for the next few days would be unsettled and rainy, with the possibility of thunder storms turning up anywhere in the UK.

The weather will settle down towards the middle of the week with rain expected to fall again over the weekend.

The spokesman added: "Luckily those going to the cricket should see a lot of play. Rain is forecast to fall in Cardiff but it will be replaced with drier conditions by the time the cricket is due to start."

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