Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Why reading is good for your brain?

Do you have the ability to read this?

Sir Richard Steele once said, " Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." When you read, you learn. You're actually exercising your brain, because reading makes you think. Even if you're reading a work of fiction, it takes effort to translate the words on the page into mental pictures. You may not realize this as you're reading, but you've become actively involved, unlike when watching television. TV keeps you passively involved, as your brain simply soaks in what's happening on the screen, whereas with reading, you're actively participating.

Studies have shown that reading stimulates your brain, allowing your mind to remain sharp even into old age. If you fail to exercise your brain, your brain will begin to fail. You've heard that if you don't exercise your body, your muscles will decline. The same goes for your mind. If it isn't exercised regularly through reading or studying, it, too, will begin to deteriorate. Learning something new, such as a foreign language, will challenge your brain and force it to create stronger links between memory cells. Reading, also, causes your brain to work harder, which builds stronger brain cell connections.


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