Saturday, 11 July 2009

How to Help Your Child Enjoy Math

Many students dread math. Parent's can help make their child's mathematics lessons more exciting and entertaining. Read on to learn more about how you can help your child enjoy math.

You can help your children learn to appreciate mathematics by providing them with assistance and fun activities that will help your students enjoy math. Tips to do this include the following:

* Help your kids use math every day
* Play family games that involve math
* Introduce logic games to your children
* Look into math tutoring programs.

Everyday Math Games

Make everyday tasks into games. For example, take your student grocery shopping with you and challenge them to add prices in their heads.

Challenge your child to find which brand or size of a product is the best value. This teaches them how to use money in math, a skill that will be important throughout their life.

Make sure the tasks are not too hard for the child, because this will be frustrating instead of effective. Instead, check to see what their weekly math homework involves and find a way to incorporate that into a trip to the grocery store.

Other everyday tasks that can be used include balancing a checking book and using time problems (how long did it take to complete this task, how long did it take yesterday, etc.) This sounds like a simple task but it will be effective if used regularly. Children will participate in these day to day games because they are fun, but will see the benefits as their homework becomes easier and they start to grasp the various math concepts.
Math Logic

There are various logic games that are available in books and magazines. These challenging puzzles are available in a variety of skill levels, so you can make sure the games will not be too hard for your child. Examples of logic games include crossword puzzles, number sequences, and logic grids. These activities can be done as a family, or your child can choose to do them alone.

These books and magazines are especially good for long car rides or traveling in trains and planes because it keeps your child concentrated on the puzzles instead of the long trip. What is great about the logic books and magazines is that there are answers and explanations in the back. This way, your child can see if they are correct and learn how to complete the challenge if they are stumped.
Math Related Board Games

Family game time is always a good idea because it creates a bonding time and a fun, comfortable atmosphere for your child to improve their math skills. Popular games that use math and logic include Yahtzee, chess, backgammon, checkers, Connect Four, and dominoes.
Math Tutoring

Math tutoring programs are also great tools for parents with struggling students. Even if your child is not struggling, a tutoring program could be useful in increasing their enjoyment of mathematics.

By using an online tutoring program, your child is being introduced to the possibilities of the Internet and may be encouraged to play the math games as well. The online math tutoring programs use assessment tests to see which math skills your child needs help with, and then create lesson plans that revolve around these skill gaps.

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