Wednesday, 1 July 2009

weather in lancaster: Sunny Intervals and Temp: 24°C

It is very hot in lancaster uk

all school chidren had to put sun cream to protect their skin.

# Sunny Intervals
# Temp: 24°C

Avoid Dehydration This Summer with Thirst-Quenching Tips

Lemon water: It's tough drinking enough plain water to keep your cool throughout the day, but drinking juice and regular soda packs in too many calories. Better to eat and enjoy calories than the mindlessly suck them down, I say. Instead, I keep myself hydrated on the treadmill by adding a splash of lemon juice to my water bottle. It adds interest but few calories, so I can (and want to) drink lots without guilt.

Empty bottles: How can an empty bottle help keep you hydrated, you ask? As a cash-strapped college student, I ended up in the campus infirmary more than once feeling faint, only to learn I was mildly dehydrated. My work-study employers gifted me a trendy screw-top plastic water bottle, which I could fill for free at the dorm water fountain. I still use it today, though many now prefer trendy stainless steel bottles. Either way, they're ideal for traveling via air: Pack an empty bottle in your carry on and then fill it from the water fountains on the other side of security to avoid paying the premium for airport drinks.

Fountain drinks: Everyone knows you can buy huge sodas from convenience stores for next to nothing, but many stores offer even better deals that will keep your thirst quenched as you shop. Target and Costco cafés, for example, offer super-cheap fountain drinks that you can refill throughout your shopping trip. Keep your eyes peeled for these deals as you're out to make errands more pleasant.

Iced tea: Sun tea is a summer classic. My mom would fill a big, clear pitcher with water, add a few tea bags, cover, and then let the whole thing steep on the deck for a few hours. The sun warms the water, helping the tea infuse throughout the pitcher. Just chill the brewed tea and you're ready for summer refreshment. If you prefer your tea sweetened, stir in some honey or simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar, heated until dissolved, then cooled). Bonus: Next to water, iced tea is one of the least expensive beverages around.

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