Monday, 31 August 2009

dream to learn word press

my dream is to learn word press or using the wordpress.

so here is the theme that i can keep in my mind to use.

Thesis Theme for WordPress

I am not sure is it because of the name the name thesis as i am studying
or because of the support which is more realistic reason for using it.;

So if efficiency, attention to detail, and peace of mind about the future are important to you, then it’s high time to check out Thesis!

People Like Thesis. Lots.


About the Thesis Theme

Website frameworks are a big deal. Good ones play a significant role in key areas of Web development, including:

* SEO: the degree to which your code and content are organized and optimized for both search engines and people
* accessibility: your ability to reach different audiences—those with special needs, people using alternative Web browsers, mobile users, etc.
* usability: how effectively your users are able to navigate and interact with your site
* flexibility: how easy is it to get the look you want by providing rich markup for styling and customizations via a control panel

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