Monday, 24 August 2009

split big files into smaller files

task today:

Split Big Files into Smaller Ones with GSplit

i was wondering how to do it so here i get the idea.

will try and see the result.

GSplit is a free application that lets you split BIG files into smaller pieces, giving you the ability to share them, copy or backup to floppies, CD, DVD, USB, upload to hosts with file size limit restrictions, networks, send them by email etc.

Sharing files with your friends & family was never this easy, especially since another handy feature is that you can also split several large files at once. Splitting a file with GSplit can be done in 3 easy steps:

* Select the file that you want to split into smaller files by clicking Browse

* Click Destination Folder on the left menu and choose the folder where you want it to place the different pieces of the file. If the folder doesn’t exists, Gsplit automatically creates one.

* Click on Split file, choose thread priority and Internal Buffer size. It also gives you an option to execute a specific command automatically after splitting.

That’s it. After splitting the file, it creates an executable file which unites all the files into it’s original form. The person on the other end doesn’t need to have GSplit in order to run the file and it works like a charm.


hi hi hi good luck to me....

guess what? i did not use the above one because it needs to install.

i found another software that did not require installation....

Files too big? Split them up with JR Split File

ne thing that is guaranteed to irritate me is when I have to email a file to someone and the file is too big. What do you do then? Well, you could compress it or you could use one of file transferring services such as Pando. But recently I discovered another possibility. Using the freeware program JR Split File, you can split the file up into little pieces – and then the person at the other end puts it all back together again.

JR Split File is a portable program which means that it doesn’t need to be installed on the PC. It can easily be run off a USB stick if you happen to be on the go, using someone else’s computer. When you double-click the program, the following box comes up :

As you can see in the screenshot, you would first choose the large file to be split. You would also specify the folder to put the smaller pieces into. Next, you need to specify how big each piece should be (useful if an email program has a file size limit) and if you want the recipient of the file pieces to be able to put everything back together again, you need to make a “bat” file (the “bat” file is what reconstructs everything). Then press “split”.

The file pieces will be placed in the folder you specified and then you can email them to the intended recipient. You MUST also send them the “bat” file.

The other person then just needs to place all the pieces AND the “bat” file in the same folder (they don’t necessarily need to have this program). They then just double-click the “bat” file and right away, the file is reconstructed in full. But everything has to be in the same folder otherwise the re-construction won’t work.

It worked perfectly on a lot of files on my PC and seems to be a very easy solution for sending those huge files to people by email.


so simple easy and fast......

i spend the whole day thinking and doing it but this perfect.

i got the job done undet 5 minutes. excellent and brilliant..

i am so happy. thank you Allah.

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