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To Wake Up Early, Go To Bed Early

Need all this advise so that to teach my children wake up early for ramadhan...

Taking on the goal to wake up early while you keep going to bed after midnight is the way to failure. Not only you become frustrated soon, but it may seriously damage your health. Remember, your body needs time to rest! Going to bed early can be a problem in the beginning, but after you actually start waking up early, then falling asleep in the evening will become much easier. How often you can't fall asleep in the evening on a day when you woke up really late? Many people who have trouble waking up have solved their wake up problems with this simple technique.

The studies also indicated that how much you sleep before midnight is twice as important as the number of hours you sleep after midnight - one more reason to go to bed early.

Take this first step to self-improvement! Keep reading this blog for more tips for waking up and getting out of bed.

Remember that old nursery song?
Go to bed early -- wake up with joy;
Go to bed late -- cross girl or boy.
Go to bed early -- ready for play;
Go to bed late -- moping all day.
Go to bed early -- no pains or ills;
Go to bed late -- doctors and pills.
Go to bed early -- grow very tall.
Go to bed late -- stay very small

Top 10 Wake Up Tips
As voted by site visitors
1. To wake up early, go to bed early
2. Use multiple alarm clocks
3. Do not eat before going to bed
4. Have important things planned for the morning
5. Wake Up From The Inside
6. Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco And Caffeine
7. Start Slowly But Start Now
8. GTD For Early Risers - Create A Morning Ritual
9. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day
10. Put Your Alarm Clock Far Enough From Your Bed


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As you sow so shall you reap


Your deeds, good or bad, will repay you in kind.

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