Monday, 10 August 2009

the power of goal setting

i think this is align of begin with the end in mind.

i found and read this in the 7 habits books..

again this is a story from my blog walking....

and from my week end trip to york trip , i learnt valuable experience too.

saya percaya and i really belief in rezeki di tangan Allah.


There are a lot very interesting stories this guy shared with me during our trip together. I know that he is very successful. I just keep smiling that a lot of ideas / principles that he shared with me are found the books that I read before. So, I tell myself, those ideas work and I have a real example here right in front of me. One of the concepts that this guy uses is the power of goal setting. He told me, many years back, he knew exactly what he wanted for himself and his family. He kept working on the goals and achieved the goals. He said our mind is so powerful.

So, I will not let those ideas I learnt from the books stay in the books. I will apply them and make them work wonder on me.


how do you apply them? write it down.

print it , paste it and look at it every day,
make sure it stays in your heart and mind.

and let the subconscious mind find the solution.....

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