Wednesday, 12 August 2009

robin sharma


spring has past,
summer has gone,
and winter is here,

song that i meant to sing,
remain unsong
for i have spent my day stringing
my unstringing instrument.....

a song by a person who regrets his life
because he miss the great song in his life.


ideation without execution is nothing more than dilution...


wow best video to watch today for me to boost my study
and my life to earn peace and to earn success in my study.

every dream starts small.

don't give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best way to do is to spend your time thinking.....

spend.....time...... thinking.....

please watch this and hope you are satisfied as i am to
eager to proceed my life today..... and be successful, insya ALLAH.

i went to the library
And borrow his book titled

Leadership wisdom from the monk who sold his Ferrari.

i want to help human being become extra ordinary,

and organization to become world class...

keep dreaming.... keep doing... keep pushing.....

Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin Sharma

By Emma Hackforth

Apr 24, 2006, 11:13

Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin Sharma

I deal with many organizations that struggle with "Growing Pains" and this book has really helped me coach them through some of those pains. Robin Sharma has a great way of telling a story that has meaning to all of us that work in the corporate world.

He doesn't make it too fluffy but puts real meat on the bones and teaches us through Julian Mantle (the main character in the book) a much better way of getting the best from our greatest assets "people".

He covers subjects like "link Paycheck to Purpose" which we know is a very simple thing to do as not everyone goes to work for the money or is motivated by money. He establishes very early on in the book that he does understand all the trappings that go on in corporate life and has broken away from it successfully but now feels that the time is right for him to give something back.

I particularly like the way he focuses on getting the best from your team and ways in which you can give ownership back to your people by involving and trusting them in the decision making process. Robin Sharma makes the book very easy to read and certainly something that doesn't wear you out just reading the title, as so many of these personal development books do.

Robin Sharma has hit the nail on the head here as he describes one of my favorite values in life "manage by mind, lead by heart". It is a great book but don't expect to read it in one sitting as it encourages you to practice each step as you read it. (*****)

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