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The balance method combines the strengths of different teaching approaches

The balance method combines the strengths of different teaching approaches

How the balance method works

While I call my teaching approach the balance "method", it is not really a single method at all. It comprises many different ideas and techniques that, when combined, will help children achieve the best results possible.

I describe exactly how the balance method works in Genius in 28 Steps, but here's a brief overview of some of the method's key features:

The balance method: Key features

* ​Mixes and matches different goals, ideas, and techniques to help children get the best results possible
* Emphasises a flexible, empirical approach to teaching
* Based on the child's enjoyment of learning as a core goal
* Builds upon a mastery of fundamental skills such as reading, writing, a high attention span, and independent learning
* Teaches children how to learn effectively
* Encourages children to view learning as an ordinary part of life
* Combines the benefits of a broad, holistic education with depth in learning specific subjects
* Systematically customises teaching techniques so that they are a near-perfect match for each child's unique personality and interests

Of course, any child can achieve results just as good by using the balance method.

In fact, I fully expect that many children in the future will do even better, as I brought up my children in very difficult circumstances — I was in a foreign country with little in the way of support or resources, practically a single mother, and far from wealthy. But that's another story!

Halimahton Yusof

January 2009

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