Friday, 2 July 2010

my son gonna retake an exam 3 times

To Miss A Pearson
Science teacher,
skerton high school

A-- (Year 10) Science Biology Another Resit Exam


I am writing to say thanks for allowing A-- to resit or retake the science Biology exam which he took twice already and got a D under one condition that he studies for the exam. I went to bbc website and go to BITSIZE
Core Science, Edexcel and Biology and notice 4 topics.


Evolution and environment
Populations and pyramids, evolution, characteristics and classification
DNA, reproduction and cloning, genes
Nerves and hormones
The nervous system, hormones
Health and infections
Defending against infection, drugs and health

I did ask A--- which topic he need to study because I knew he got both D then one B and one D for the result. He did not know which paper and he told me he would ask you today, I will be glad if you can write to me the topic and is it paper 1 or paper 2 and the topic covered.

He did read one topic yesterday and 3 more topic to go.
I ask him to read all 4 topics since he is not sure of the right topic. Thanks very much and me and F--- will try our best to guide him and get him to read, understand and improve his result to get better than D.

A---'s Mum,

ps. is it true A---is not doing edexcel or is he still on edexcel (F--- mention B Tech Science???)

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