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a long email ever in my life. study about life

Assalamualaikum wbt, ( rina n semua )

i read this email on the train yesterday using Farhanah IPOD.
I think she saved it and then i manage to read it. - not that there is internet connected on the train. Thank you Allah and thank you skerton high school.

Farhanah told me to balas. so i am thinking of writing.
this is to practise writing for my thesis too. a dream (my dream) which
is rina's dream, yan's dream and norni's dream.
farhanah's dream ? not sure if she wants to continue till phd. but of course
i will be glad (happy) if she does.

i think i was reading the email when norni call and ask if i want her
or faizul to pick us ( me and f'hanah) at the train station.
My answer is, it's ok ( which means no) plus Faezah do give us the taxi
money from the train station to her house to pick up my car there.


Kak Norni sihat lagi? Ada baby dah nak keluar ke?
Yang lain-lain macam mana? Aktiviti makan2 mesih diteruskan.

=== answer....

on behalf of kak noni. she is fine, sihat, healthy plus sakit sakit sikit/byk.
we are all worried too and anxious waiting for the baby.
Aktiviti makan2. Alhamdulillah we still continue especially when the football world cup.
almost all event me and family will go tto kak norni house to watch.
well one thing tv is no longer in my house. can watch via pc/internet but
best to watch with others i think. i love watching football but feel guilty
when kak norni in the kitchen and a while later. taraaaaaaaaaaa....


"jemput makan".... kalau ada rina mesti kena rotan.......
wei bawa bersabar and tolong kak norni kat dapur tu......


ok but what i want to write is last week end farhanah buy a one pound fish pie
ready made at ASDA and said tak sedap ( though habis jugak dia makan).
then i remember faezah and the geng will be going back to m'sia for good.
so i wish to get them to my berserak house for dinner plus asking her to teach us
(me and f'hanah) to do the delicious fish pie that i personally eat twice at her house@
open house. so i did call her and set to invite on last sunday at 6 pm.
oh yes, kak norni invite us to her house last saturday bcoz usrah lelaki is there plus
ada buat solat hajat after that usrah. and

guess what happen next rina...

wawa @ najwa slept over at deeni's house and
hannan slept over at iman's house.


huhu we came back almost 12.30 am midnight. next day f'hanah says pick up your kids mum@ummi. then kak norni suggest us all to go to bowling at morecombe super bowl.

since i love sport so i say ok. plus it was raining almost all day. (for many days in lancaster and it seems like already autumn...)

so we get there by a car (mizi) and one mpv 7 seater.....

we can only play at 4 pm and i think i have to cancel the 6 pm invitation.
so did call faezah to cancel. But then another suggestion is to do it on Monday at
norni's house.


On Monday, or last monday we did learn how to do Fish Pie from Faezah and the geng.
( ida and lubna) and surprisingly not in the menu, me and f'hanah do lasagne at the same time. What i discover on that day; is to use the same white source in fish pie; in the lasagne.

i do know that Hanis did her own white source. but never get a chance to watch it.
eat always lah. It turns out to be very good , delicious and like Hanis once told me that do the white source on your own will be much cheaper. i thought it is difficult but faezah
prove me wrong. plus it is more sedap with the coriander.

sorry if i make you terliur..... tak pregnant kan. kalau ada bahan, will do it for you in malaysia but of course need farhanah to help me. coz takut lupa nanti.


you must be thinking why am i on the train.... jeng jeng jeng....

the story continues......

so we talk about a lot of thing on that day. one of the many thing is about faezah mercedez car. have she send it?

the answer is no and waiting for her geran.....
the cost to ask wa(annuar) to pick up is 75 pound to bring it to manchester.

faizul and me told her that we any of us also can help her send the car.
and we think that the car insurance is just less than 20 pound.


beberapa hari kemudian.....

i can't remember when faezah ask me;

" betul ke akak nak tolong saya hantar kereta ke manchester ?"

but i do remember i was playing tennis with hannan and wawa. so i decided to go to her
house to discuss about it with farhanah. just the 2 of us. it is suppose to be a secret mission from wawa. of course, kalau dia tau mesti nak ikut.


we check the insurance was about 15 pound and i told her that i would like farhanah to follow and she immediately purchase 2 train tickets from manchester to lancaster on friday. The plan is to go on friday at about 1 pm, right after i finish my dinner lady work.


this is a long story rina. if you get bored you have 2 option....

1. continue another day.
2. abandon the mission of reading this email.... huhuhu


the story continues...... again.....

on thursday, faezah got the insurance and i went to university by bus
to drive the car back to her house. On friday morning, i suppose to
meet SV alan via skype but i cancel it to attend the last assembly at
bowerham primary school.

i receive a call from school saying that najwa will receive a certificate from
school as teacher's pupil of the year and najwa did not know. it is suppose
to be a secret @ surprise and the school invites the parent too.

So at 9 am went to school and see manisah too. She got the same call for sharmin
and it is a secret for sharmin too.


i do like the new head teacher which is full of surprise and very good / excellent shoud i say. or better word. i sit next to manisah. and hear the headteacher's speech. i wish you are there too. the school also invites all parent of year 6. what touch my heart is that the head choose one small reception girl and one tall year 6 girl and say thank you to parent for bringing you child from this small to this big ( showing the pupils) to this school to let then learn and grow into the society. Manisah turn around and at that time tears roll down my eyes. she told the speech very positively and i cry.

in conclusion, for all class there will be 2 student pick or chosen as pupil of the year.
one is vote from their class mate. and another one is from the teacher's vote.

another new news is that there is a Head boy and Head girl. so Sandro as head boy and Alice as Head girl. they will got the chance to chose for prefects next year.

there is a slide show and all year 6 students / face are there including fatimah's picture.

moral: i miss you and fatimah and aisyah.


back to faezah story.......

so at 1 pm , i finish work and go back home , eat rice and drive to faezah house.
oh.. i could not find my tom tom so had to borrow from faizul before i went to work.

we did go to LUSU for them to drop the house key and sign some form.

i try turn on the tom tom but it did not work.
so go to the univerisity mosque and sai is there. try on her car,
it works. so get to her flat to borrow her tom tom too.

i think i was so happy driving the mercedez and dream that may be one day i will drive
my own one. it was so good and best ; an undescribe feeling unless you drive one too.
then i ask if her father's pay for the car. ( i think bcoz her father work...)

this is what i meant by universiti kehidupan. we do not actually learn from only universiti but we learn every second and every minute of our life @ kehidupan....

when faezah says no. i was so SURPRISED and shocked because it was her own money.

it was the same feeling when i ask Yana how she sponsor her phd. i thought it was bong's money bcoz he works. but no , it was yana's money from working at the library,

i was surprised when i learnt this and again surprise when i learnt that Faezah able to save all her biasiswa money. SubhanaAllah. maha besar allah. maha kaya Allah.

this is what i think rezeki datang dari arah tak sangka sangka.
for me this is truly a surprise.

and i straight said to farhanah... tengok tu... belajar rajin rajin and belajar kat uk
nanti boleh beli mercedez macam kak faezah.


when i told her that i was surprised. she says that it is not a lot because her friends can save more than her. bang... another surprise .. more? tak jalan-jalan ke...

then they say jalan kak. balik malaysia pun every year. and they say again tak pernah minta duit mak ayah kak. wow how berkat nya rezeki mereka / depa.

subhanaAllah lagi saya. memang terperanjat.... wow....

thinking how i finish all my money when i am in usa. i work some more because
i need the money to jalan jalan.... same like them i did not ask money from mak ayah.

wow many lessons learnt. i learnt a lot. thank you Allah.... thank you universiti kehidupan.


i got more to write. again if you feel bored, abandon the ship...... it is ok....


i long to go to Rusholme. i always dream to go there. Kak hanis says, kalau akak pi manchester akak pi makan kat rusholme... sedap dan murah....

so i say that to faezah. and faezah lay down the plan and mission to Farhanah while I am driving. pi naik bas apa, turun kat mana, makan kat mana etc etc....

Thank you Allah, thank Faezah and thank Hanis... my dream comes true yesterday.

instead of Annuar send us to town and we get a bus from there, he straight send us to Rusholme. First we eat nasi and half chicken one plate share the cost is 3.95.
memang banyak and best and sedap and murah just like Hanis mention a long time ago.
Farhanah already got a headache. she say she did not eat yet. hihi i eat nasi before depart and after work and she cook the sardine but did not eat it?? hmmmm

after nasi, we got across the road to eat faluda in a shop name moonlight. as suggested by Faezah. thank you Allah. thank you Faezah, it was so good and yummy and delicious.
we felt guilty of eating without amin, hannan and najwa and pray to Allah jika izin Allah akan bawa mereka nanti... yes one day.....insyaAllah.

we got into the city by bus. and farhanah said. lamanya kakak tak naik bus. i forgot that she used to take bus to school for one year (2006-2007) until i force them both (amin n kakak) to walk to school in the name of budget cutting but i chose the word exercise......

itupun universiti kehidupan.....

then we arrive in the mid town or in usa we used to call down town.

right rina? ( if you are still reading..... or have abandon the ship....???)

it was already 5 pm and we have a 7.16 pm train to catch. so we go to Primark which is the only favourite shop to go in manchester. we been there once before when kakak take a course for bahasa melayu gcse 2 years ago. there was a lot of people and alot of things to buy. we shop till we drop. actually murah compare to shopping at jjb in lancaster.

we got hannan baju italy for only one pound. he is so happy.

farhanah says remember Auntie RINA kata beli baju cotton kat sini(uk) byk2 sebab murah.
kat malaysia mahal.

for once rina, farhanah agrees with the buying. kalau rina tak kata gitu,
may be; again; may be, farhanah akan kata jangan beli.

well i wish to buy i phone 4 but farhanah says no.


anyway, farhanah ada baju nak beli, she try on it but decided not to buy,
i said beli lah. ummi belanja but she say no. can i force her to buy????

so we did finally get to the train station and with all the tired and numb
on my feet get to rest and relax in the train.

i was so happy rina. happy shopping at manchester and happy to be able
to tolong hantar adik adik kat airport manchester yesterday.

and banyak belajar dari universiti kehidupan. bagaimana murah rezeki Allah
bagi kat adik adik. betapa berkat duit simpanan mereka plus
tak tau lah kalau rina dah tau.

faezah dapat first class honours lagi. wow. thank you Allah,
murah rezeki faezah kan. jadi ketua helwa,
dapat first class, dapat kereta.....

ni boleh bagi modal kat adik adik lain esp athirah

yang juga ketua helwa. siap nak letak jawatan lagi....

tugas dan tanggungjawab Allah bagi bersama rezeki.....

pada saya itu semua tanpa disangka sangka.....

that is my ever long email that i write in my entire history,

saya rasa saya ni jenis tak baca email dan tak balas email....

macam mana pulak hari ini Allah bagi saya rezeki untuk tulis email yang paling panjang dalam kehidupan saya. memang ada niat nak tulis buku dalam hidup saya. mungkin ini satu permulaan.... doa saya agar kawan kawan : rina, yan, norni dapat tulis thesis....



ps... farhanah nak balik bila hantar kakak akak balik....

sian dia.... saya pun nak balik macam rina dan hanis...

i miss you and both of you....

i think i will miss norni and yan when i come back to malaysia.
i feel it now in my dream coz yan jauh kat melaka n norni tak tau kat hospital mana.
kalau hospital selayang walau dekat dgn gombak entah boleh jumpa selalu ke macam kat bumi lancaster ni?

of course i will mis farhanah when she enter universiti unless uia ( her chosen uni)...
i will miss her when she marry etc etc.....



--- On Fri, 7/23/10, A K wrote:

Subject: sekadar bertanya khabar
Date: Friday, July 23, 2010, 1:07 AM

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Moga sentiasa di dalam peliharaan Allah dan rahmahnya. aamin.

Apa khabar semua? Moga semua sihat. Sibuk agaknya yea.

Kami alhamdullilah sihat, anak-anak nampak gaya boleh adapt sikit dengan cuaca.
Sibuk mengemas belum abis lagi. Teringat kata Faizul jgn menyesal bila dah beli hehehhe.......
Tapi tak menyesal alhamdullilah, sebab bila nengok harga barang kat Malaysia yg perabot biasa biasa pun mak aii mahalnya.
Ni bagi kami yg berpendapatan sederhana.

At least kita beli chesterfield dak kak nazihah hahahha?Ya lah second hand pun....tapi....alhamdulillah.

Kelmarin selesai urusan daftar sekolah anak and sekolah agama.
Alhamdullilah dapat sekolah Jalan 3 kat BBB, sekolah tu memang bagus and dapat
sekolah agama ABIM dekat dengan sekolah, alhamdullilah Allah swt makbulkan juga doa
agar saya tak yah keluar ambik anak bagai, sekali transit and jalan kaki ramai2 ke sekolah.

I am sure to be a very busy mom and kepochi mom lah kat kedua2 sekolah tu.
Moga Allah swt permudahkan jua.

Maaf terasa nak menulis ni, sebab macam nak release tension dan penat.

Kak Norni sihat lagi? Ada baby dah nak keluar ke?
Yang lain-lain macam mana? Aktiviti makan2 mesih diteruskan.

Kelmarin beli yong tau foo kat pasar tani.
Fatimah said, hmm I used to taste this before in Lancaster.
I said: Of course, Uncle Mizi , Uncle Faizul and Auntie Naz did that while we were there.
Her answer was: Hmm yes and I think their yong tau foo is the best.....

See kalah org pasar tani tu compare dgn you all....
Tapi Rina rasa betullah, we all kat sini masih rasa malas nak makan luar.
Dgn harganya mahal, rasanya belum tentu lagi.
Jasmin kata nak beli bende yg you tak tahu buat no tu....
So far, tekak kami rasa masakan kat luar biasa2 sahaja.
La ni lagi particular bab hygine and bab solat ke tidak org2 yg berniaga tu.....

Semalam alhamdullilah berjaya membuka meja makan 8 kerusi tu...and letak display cabinet
Fuhh lega rasanya....tapi sampai sakit2 badan hari ni, ingat nak ambik cuti.....tapi sayang pula.
Semalam juga baru jumpa skru katil budak-budak tu kak naz. Alhamdullilah hahahhaha....

Dah siap cat dah kat bawah tu alhamdullilah.
Credit goes to Jasmin, my father in law and anak2.
Mak dia balik keje kul 7, buka2 kotak, nengok2 buku then melepek terus hahahhaha.

Esok ni nak balik BP pula, kesian juga dgn bapa mertua, semangat dia nak menolong kami cut the kos.
Segala bagai tools dia bawa and byk bende dia buat. Sinki tercabut pun dia buat.

In fact, semalam pakcik jasmin sorang tu kata, kalau nak buat corner plaster syiling (tak pasti betui ke tidak ni)
boleh buat sendiri.....hahahahhaha rasanya family depa ni boleh buka kedai lah....
Sebab katanya amatlah senang. But we opt lah bende tu just for make up, byk lagi yg lebih penting.

Jasmin still tak start search for job. Rasanya kami discuss nak biar partial/semua settle then he will start it.
May be early August, Mudahan Allah swt permudahkan jua. Kesian JASMIN.

Bab study, insyallah bertatih lagi ni, gear pun slow, tapi kemana pergi dok usung notes book.
Cakap ngan SV, tak boleh lah nak buat meeting sebab kepala saya amat serabut.
We might start early August. Insyallah dia faham.
Mohon doa semua yea. Biarlah amanah ini diselesaikan dengan jayanya.
Dapatlah saya membalas jasa arwah bapa yg memang inginkan saya berjaya Phd , begitu juga
pengorbanan semua.

Ni bukan apa tau nak kasi motivasi utk semua. Setiap yg terjadi ada hikmah nya.....
Siapa yg tak sedih, berkali2 saya padamkan persoalan mengapa bapa saya pergi sebelum sempat saya
balik.....mengapa saya tak abis2 Phd.....semua itu bisikan syaitan.....
Utk semua, jitukan semangat anda. Bergantung harap hanya kpd Nya sahaja.
Biar susah mana pun , insyallah anda dan saya pasti berjaya. aamin.

Dah over pula saya ni.....sekadar meluahkan sebak di dada.
Insyallah, mudahan Allah swt pertemukan saya dgn arwah di syurga. aamin.

Duvet LAURA ASHLEY tak pakai lagi...sebab katil tak ade, ingat kalau ada rezeki nak tempah katil cam Yana lah

Makcik Portmerion tak sale ke? hahaahaha jgn marah Faizul.....

Okay lah, rindu kat you all.
Allahuakahbar....moga semua diberkati dan dirahmati Allah swt.

What I miss most is not the sale, the portmerion, the car boot but all of you my dear friend.

Till then, take care.

with loads of love,

“O My Lord! let My entry be by the gate of truth and Honour,
and likewise My exit by the gate of truth and Honour;
and grant me from Thy presence an authority to aid (me)."
[Quran:Chapter Isra'a:80]


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