Friday, 2 July 2010

Skerton School's Nurture Group


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  Skerton Community High School


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Skerton High School
21 June 2008 - 16:35

After watching the video and reading articles in the local press I did what not enough people do in Lancaster, I went and looked around the school, What an amazing school this is, the staff are friendly and helpful, the lady who showed me around had worked there for a number of years and obviously knew the school in side out, she took me into classrooms to see REAL classes at work not just ones made up for an open evening as so many are. The school was quiet, with the pupils working as we went around and any pupil we came accross on our tour was polite and opened doors for us, what a fine example of youth today. I got to see the Nurture group as shown in the video, any school who cares for its new intake should follow this schools superb role!, the Inclusion rooms say just what they are suposed to say, inclusion is important, children told me what they were learning and how safe they feel in school, In this school I came away knowing that every child does matter, its not all about 5 A to C grades but a happy and contented child who enjoys the experience of learning. I know my child will be happy there thats why I am proud to say I have chosen this school for my childs future education instead of one the the popular larger schools where he will be just a number. Well done Skerton High you deserve all the success in the world.


Skerton School's Nurture Group
19 May 2008 - 14:10

This is an amazing environment to work in. The children thrive and their self esteem is boosted immensely. It is a way of learning the children social skills and routines which they may have missed out on in their earlier years. First of all this is a caring school who do not deserve some of the bad press or negative comments that it receives. When visitors come in to the school they are always plesantly surprised. We welcome visitors at any time even without warning. We are confident enough to show people around. We do not have to prepare or rehearse "WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET !" We are very proud of our school, our staff and our pupils. May the school go from strength to strength. LONG LIVE SKERTON HIGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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