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Respect to Pharmacy though it's a great degree and profession.

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Re: .: The best uni in the UK for pharmacy? :.
Cardiff was the most popular this year ...

The Top 5 are manchester, Queen's university belfast, nottingham, portsmouth, bath

nice infofor me on pharmacy .. ....

For Pharmacy, yeah, generally they don't really care that much about year 14 applicants. Pharmacy just hasn't reached that level of competitiveness yet, unlike medicine. I think when entry grades start rising to AAA/AAB, then they'll probably start to care more, as a way of 'filtering' out applicants.
The highest entry requirements for Pharmacy I think is ABB at Manchester or Bath. It can go up to AAB at some places if you're a resit. Bath say in their prospectus they give offers ranging from BBB-AAB but rarely does an offer go above ABB unless you're a resit student. Manchester says offers can be ABB/AAB but again the only people I know who had AAB offers for Pharmacy at Manchester were resit students.

Pharmacy is nowhere near as competetive as Medicine and I don't think it ever will be. After all if it were, there would be an October 15th deadline for Pharmacy in line with Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Oxbridge applications, which there isn't.

Not that I'm saying Medics are better than Pharmacists or vice versa, I respect all healthcare professionals for the work the do and their dedication and commitment. But Pharmacy won't ever be as competetive as Medicine.

Medicine interviews are tougher. Selectors will eve go as far as scrutinising GCSE grades (for example Birmingham and Edinburgh) and you guys don't have to sit entrance tests like the BMAT or the UKCAT.

The average grades you need to get in for medicine across all medical schools is AAB although some ask for AAA and there's one which asks for 370 UCAS points of which would equate to ABBb.

Pharmacy can be done at a wide range of institutions with some asking for CCC or BBC or BBB to the top end asking for ABB.

Respect to Pharmacy though it's a great degree and profession.

that was really long winded way of saying medicine is more competitive than pharmacy


interview question in 2007

I've just got back from Nottingham and I absolutely loved the place.

It was a wierd interview really. A Dr. just drew out a random drug which he said he made up, told me about it and asked if i could identify the functional groups. Then he asked why it the drug soluble, what makes it stable, why is part x more stable than part y, he threw in a trick question too as while he was talking, he said that hydrogen was more electronegative than nitrogen - which he was glad i picked up the fact he was wrong.

Then he asked me why pharmacy and not medicine/vet/dentistry etc, why nottingham and that was it.

All in all very good and I really hope to get an offer.


hey i got an offer from nottingham...dunno what is yet tho...nottingham said in the letter they would let me know via ucas...odd! anyway interview wise i was first asked with emphasis on my personal statement why i wanted to do pharmacy.
next was asked about my personal qualities. moving on to science based questions was next. asked why injecting insulin is better than giving someone a insulin tablet to swallow. then asked what insulin is about proteins and amino acids...not as hard as it seems.
next i was asked to draw if i wanted a peptide link and how it easy!
finally i was asked about extra cirricular stuff i do! at the end of the interview the interviewer was really impressed with me and said you should definitly hear from us soon and that i would make a good pharmacist...thanks!!
so over all a really friendly interview and the setting was relaxing as well.

hope this helps for others who have interviews coming up at nottingham.



Re: Nottingham Pharamcy Interviews

- tell me about yourself
- why pharmacy
- pathway in making methyl benzoate (I brought this on myself )
- NO2+ reacting with phenol (explain)
- long division, something like 487/34 (asked an estimate first)



Re: Nottingham Pharamcy Interviews
Hey, Had an interview at nottingham last week before christmas and found the information from this forum useful, so i thought i'd add my contribition.
It was quite a laid back interview with one interviewer he asked me:
The useful things I'd learnt from my academic studies.
Why Nottingham?
Whats a catalyst? Whats a biological catalyst, how do they work?
Relevant work experience.
What pharmacy routes can you take after degree, the 3 possible areas.
What did I know about MRSA.
Whats diabetes, why can't insulin be administered by mouth?
Protein structure, primary, secondary and tertiary.

Must have gone pretty well because I got an offer the next day!

Good luck to you all! and thanks for the info.



Re: Nottingham Pharamcy Interviews
hey guyz had my interview bout 3 weeks ago nd it wasnt too bad! she asked : why pharmacy, why nottingham, why cant insulin be administered orally, then she told me draw a dipetide, draw a functional group i knew(so i drew a ketone) and then she asked about nmr(nuclear magnet resonance). then the last question, she asked if i knew the difference between generic and branded drug?



Re: Nottingham Pharamcy Interviews
Had my interview on wednesday and recieved offer by thursday afternoon!! Though id help others because people helped me on this

got asked quite a few questions:

Tell me about yourself?
What does a pharmacist do? (in community AND hospital)
Personal statement stuff?
What do pharmacists in industy do?
How does aspirin work?
Side effects of it?
Other methods of administering drugs?
Why insulin administered orally?
Other method of administering insulin?
What uses of inhalers?
Dosage of inhalers compared to tablets?

Might be a few more thrown in but ive forgotten. The interviewer woman was really good and i wasnt nervous at all it went like a normal conversation, wasnt intimidated at all unlike at other interviews


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