Monday, 6 February 2012

zaid mohamaed book

Smart Parents Brighter Kids

Here is a book that addresses parental based on proven strategies. It is written by one parent to another, featuring the day-to-day matters that parent will instantly connect to. This book is a timely released masterpiece, a well balanced formula amidst our search to be a human-parent. It has revisited many basic but salient points of parenting, among others, the long forgotten substances - 'to loved and be loved'.

by Zaid Mohamad, Malaysia's First Parental Coach & Author ofSmart Parents, Brighter Kids

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a book to outline in details my “7L Smart Parents Strategies” that I have personally practiced with a great degree of success. What are the “7Ls”? They are:
  • Lots of Love;
  • Limit for Everything;
  • Learning Smart;
  • Leisure Family Time; and
  • Leadership Skill;
  • Lend a Hand.
  • Leave It to God.

Put together, I call them Smart Parenting strategies to create Brighter Kids. Although they are more skewed towards primary school years (age 7 – 12), the principles are universal enough to be applied to younger and older kids.

Here are a glimpse of how the Smart Parents, Brighter Kids strategies can offer to improve your family and avoid future problems in the teenage years:

Benefits to You and Your Kids
1. Practice the “7 Rules of Love” from young
  • Create a happy, loving home
  • Show you a way to make the kids actually listen to you without yelling and nagging
  • Reduce pressure and stress on the kids, yet they still strive for the best
  • Create polite, respectful kids / teens
2. Smartly and effectively “Set the Limits” that kids eagerly want to follow
  • Create obedient, disciplined & responsible kids
  • Less stress in controlling the TV, PC, PS2 time
  • Institute a fair and effective rewards & punishment system
  • Remove any little chances of our kids from turning into future “Mat Rempit”, bullies, etc
3. Apply “Learn Smart, Not Hard” techniques – no tuitions required!
  • No need for tuitions any more!
  • Improve your kids' grades within one to three months
  • Enable parents to be aware of and leverage their kids' strength and weaknesses
  • Learn how to classify their subjects and plan for each accordingly
  • No more slogging over books nearing exam time
4. Apply secrets of low cost “Leisurely Family” outings and activities
  • Improve family bonding immediately
  • Retain sanity in the household
  • Rediscover life
  • Recharged and ready for more
5. Sow the seed of Leadership & Social skills TODAY for better tomorrow
Reveal the techniques & activities that can:
  • Mould your kids into future leaders
  • Instill high confidence to socialize
  • Turn your nervous kids into an engaging public speaker
  • Provide a sense of direction – remove tendency to “lepak” or other time-wasting activities
6. Lend a Hand – Find what you can do to give back what you have received, to make rooms for more
  • Show you the effective ways to “give back in order to receive more”
  • Learn how other parents have successfully lent their hands to make lasting impacts
  • Be inspired by the true stories
7. Learn how to sit back, relax and “Leave it to God”
  • Offer hope in the Higher Being, whatever your belief is
  • Instill strong values in your kids
  • Get a peace of mind no matter what


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