Thursday, 5 November 2009

Labbaik - Zain Bhikha and various others

Labbaik - Zain Bhikha - Mountains of Makkah

Mountains of Makkah by Zain Bhikha
Zain wrote this song when he was making the Hajj pilgrimage

Haji Menuju ALLAH - Raihan

Thank You ALLAH - Raihan

Labbaik Allah Nasheed-Zakir Naik

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The reason we pray to towards the kaabah is because the kaba holds the earth up. If the kaabah wasnt there, the earth would collapse. We face the Holly prospect which shares positive energy with us, and our energy given to the kaabah aids in keepin the world up. Therefore without muslims and the worship of allah, there would be no world.

Thank you.


Labaik Allah Huma Labiak

Voice Of KinG Naat Khuwans Syed Muahammd Fasih Uddin Soharwardi

Hajj - Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik

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