Wednesday, 18 November 2009

my writing journey is starting....... now.

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just finish a meeting with supervisor.

need to read on :

Externalisation – how writing changes thinking
article in Interfaces, Autumn 2008
written by him.

the first reference was from


writing as third order experience
Alan Dix
Lancaster University

article in Interfaces, Summer 2006

(full paper here)

an experience was a first-order experience.

Telling stories face-to-face is second order experience.

Simultaneously you need to deal with the imagined experience of your narrative and the actual experience of your listener.


this is the interesting part....

No wonder writing is hard.

But when we understand we can start to make it easier.

One problem is that blank sheet of paper, or I guess blank screen; how to get started. You know in your head what you have to say, but not how to say it. But strangely, if a friend walked in you would probably just tell them all about it. Narrative and story telling go back throughout human history and are perhaps one of the key things that turns us from mere human bodies and brains to human beings. So this second order experience, itself quite an amazing ability, is one that is intimately part of our common humanity. Some tell stories better than others, some stories are easier told than others, but we all, to a greater or lesser extent can do this.

So I have often suggested that students who are struggling to get started, simply write me a email about a topic, or write in a word processor, but to me personally. By simplifying the second-order of the imagined reader, doing the third-order activity of writing becomes easier.

thank you Allah. thank you Prof.

thank you.

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