Friday, 22 January 2010

‘The Boys from Baghdad High’

again on how to get motivated.....

‘The Boys from Baghdad High’

an eye opening documentary on SBS called ‘The Boys from Baghdad High’ (Produced/Directed: Ivan O’Mahoney and Laura Winter). Watching this beautifully made documentary put everything into perspective.

If you thought studying was hard here (in safe Western Australia) then perhaps studying in Iraq for even a day would do us all some good.

These young men were typical generation Yers. They were just like my Australian male friends. They liked listening to pop music, had mobile phones, surfed the internet, had girlfirends, joked around with each other, had dreams and hopes for the future, etc. The difference was they were forced to study with power cuts, to the sound of bombings and guns firing shots outside their homes, knowing their classmates/friends had been murdered and kidnapped and that they could be next. Most of their free time was spent at home as it was just too dangerous to go outside.

I can’t even begin to imagine how stressful that would be and the effect that kind of stress would have on studying for final year exams.

It was no surprise that school attendance and motivation/inspiration to study was low at the school the boys attended in Baghdad. It was also no surprise that they failed several of their final exams. But amazingly, given all the stress and trauma they experienced, most of the boys got through and graduated in the end.

This documentary was inspiring to say the least. I’ve been complaining about my honours thesis, but after seeing what these young men went though it just seems ridiculous to complain anymore.

If in need of inspiration or a new perspective on your life as a student, I recommend watching ‘The Boys from Baghdad High’. You will be deeply moved.


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