Saturday, 30 January 2010

dua dua dua .. doa doa doa

O Allah.. Ya Allah.. Ya Rahman.. Ya RAhim..

You are the Greatest of all..
Ya Allah..
I am weak. I may be useless. Without you I will never be the way that I am now. It is hard Ya Allah But grant me the strength Ya ALLAH. to let me Love YOU more than anybody else. Let my love be like the LOVE of RAbiatul Adawiyah. I know, if there is millions of your servant, I may be the last one you pick as your khalil Ya ALLAH. But,Ya ALLAH.. Please.. I am in the need of your love. Let me be strong, let me be strong to be against from my own desire.. O Allah, if you have grant me an easy life, why can’t I give more to YOU? Oh Allah.. Let me Love YOU more than anything. Let me be strong in this first YA ALLAH. There is no question of me being together with a human, if my Love for the human is not directed towards You… So, o Allah prevent me from loving Dunniya more than the Akhirat.. Let me achieve this, then, I could think of having a family or others… And Allah.. if this is my dua’ to YOu, Please let me ask more, cause i am weak.. Oh ALLAH, grant me a partner which Love the YOU the most, more than me, will get up at night, praying only to You, crying,only for You, leading his life only for You, to teach my children to love only You, to spend his time doing things only for You, and let him die ONLY FOR YOU.. let him be a mujahhid o Allah.. Give me a strength to overcome whatever problem he might face in his da’wah.. I wish nothing more than to be a pious wife for YOu and for him.. Let my family feel the way I feel right now. Let them know that Islam is such a wonderful thing. Not something that is seen as old- fashioned. Protect my family. I am weak. I am in the need of your help. Please… Allah.. Please… Let me be a mujahhid… with this.. i end my dua’ Ya ALlah.. I end it with thanking You oh ALLAH.. without you.. I am nothing.. Amin Ya Rab Al- Alamin…


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