Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer

The Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Written by Marry Summer

Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death in many countries today. Although treatable, some patients find it too late when they consult with physicians and get a diagnosis of this disease. Smoking is among the many causes of this disease but it is not limited to this alone. Fortunately, lung cancer is not very hard to detect. There are early symptoms of lung cancer that one should be aware of for faster detection. Usually, a cough that doesn't easily go away or that even gets worse in time is one of the more overt symptoms. People with stage one lung cancer also experience chest pains or even tightening of the chest. Coughing up blood or expectorating fluids with blood could be very dangerous and should be seriously considered a symptom of such disease. In addition to this, wheezing, shortness of breath or even hoarseness that can be noted in one's voice should be looked into. Having pneumonia or bronchitis very often is not normal and could be prevailing signs or early symptoms of lung cancer. Loss of appetite and weight loss are also associated with this disease. When you note certain swelling in your neck or face, along with these symptoms, consult with a physician and have yourself examined. These symptoms may not necessarily equate to lung cancer but are very serious and should be given medical attention. One should not disregard these signs and symptoms for these are already potentially life-threatening. Remember that you are not only doing yourself a favor by consulting when you detect early symptoms of lung cancer. You are also sparing your family the grief they may encounter due to death of a loved one because of lung cancer.

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