Monday, 21 September 2009

son homework octopoem

never heard and cannot help

but find this here

Write an Instant Octopoem


1st line: A color
2nd line: A season
3rd line: A place
4th line: A type of weather
5th line: A type of clothing
6th line: A piece of furniture
7th line: A TV Show
8th line: A type of food

a beautiful example here

The tints of yellow and brown,
Tis near the fall season now.
See, the parks so beautifully donned
With falling leaves and gentle wind.
So put on light jackets and get comfy
Gear up, set the bed and get ready
As we watch for the Jacksonville Fall Home & Patio Show
With a hot soup bowl, and waiting for snow.


more octopoem

Donald Duck by Jake

Blue as the sky is Donald Duck
Cool as the ice in winter
He loves the big towers of New York
Wearing his blue t-shirt and red tie
He loves his comfy couch
Lying on it watching cartoons
Eating golden bread topped with honey.

My Great Grandma by Ashleigh

Her eyes are as bright as the stars at night
Her hands as cold as snow in winter
Living in the Blue Mountains near Sydney
Cold are her hands touching my palms on a rainy day
Wearing pearly white clothing on a happy summer morning
Rocking in her sweet rocking chair, knitting by the fire
Watching the weather on TV every Monday
Eating fruit in the morning and the afternoon for her health.

Peter Pan by Lilly

Peter Pan is as green as vines
His favourite season is spring to match his suit
Never Land is Peter Pan's favourite place
Where the weather is always calm and sunny
Wearing his leafy green clothes
Sleeping on a bed made out of silk
Watching the lost boys march off
Snacking on an acorn for afternoon tea.

Selby by Shona

Selby is more yellow than the sun
He is the biggest breeze to me
Living inside a book
Talking like a hurricane
A glowing collar around his neck
Checking his email on the computer
Learning to talk from the TV
Snacking on crunchy dog biscuits.

My Brother Tim by Catherine

Tim is as red as fire
He thinks spring is the best
Happiest in the water at the beach
His anger as furious as a thunderstorm
Playclothes take the place of PJs
His favourite furniture is his bed
Watching ABC kid's shows on TV
Eating rich-in-flavour mango!

Hilary Duff by Chloe

Blonde silky hair has Hilary Duff
As bright as summer she is
Performing in the American theatres
Hilary is as beautiful as the sunrise
Cool stunning skirts she wears
Watching herself on videos
Filming herself on her own camera
Eating chocolate fudge cake in secret.

Robin Hood by Freya

Robin Hood is the colour of the woods
He shines like the sun when it's spring
Living in Sherwood Forest
When it's calm and sunny
His shirt is green, pants and shoes as brown as bark
Sleeping rough in the great outdoors
He is "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves"
Eating roast wild venison, nuts and berries.

Batista by Mitchell

Batista wearing red, black and white is as strong as steel
Shining as bright as the sun
From Washington DC he is
With the strength of the sun in him
Wearing arm pads, knee pads and undies with a B on the back
Strong enough to lift up a building
Acting like an animal on TV
Eating lots of vegetables to keep him strong.

hmmmmm all sounds good. first time i learn about it today.

I implore you to see with a child's eyes, to hear with a child's ears and to feel with a child's heart.

-Antonio Novello

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