Monday, 7 September 2009

how can I encourage him to do his home-work


My son 13 years old has trouble to do home-work.
how can I encourage him to do his home-work ?
no punishments to be used as the reaction is worse.



Well this is what my parents did, and it worked for me:

--make homework space a positive space. have your son choose a desk and a comfy chair and help him organize all materials (pens, pencils, notebooks, etc). and doing homework doesn't have to be only at a desk. i do math homework at a desk but when im doing assigned reading i sit in a comfy beanbag chair :) if you can, have a mini fridge at his desk filled with snacks to help him get through homework

--set a certain time each day for homework and gradually ease him into it. for example at 4:00 he does his homework and even if he refuses to, during "homework time" he cant watch tv or play with friends

--if you have work to do you could both sit and work at the kitchen table or something similar. he can't get away with not doing anything and it provides a good model for him

--assignments shouldn't be so challenging he gives up so make sure you discuss this with his teachers if this is an issue

--explain to him the importance of school, learning, and working hard. some kids rebel against pressure so explain he will be rewarded for hard work and effort rather than grades

--and reward him for all his hard work and effort

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